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Sage Advice

WotC publishes a monthly column with errata and official rulings on certain things. Answers from each column are compiled into this document.

Character Creation

Acceptable Sources

  • Core PHB
  • Unearthed Arcana
  • Temple of Elemental Evil Player's Guide
  • Selected Homebrew Materials


  • Allowed in place of ability score increases at sufficient level or at character creation for variant humans


  • Disallowed: Monk
  • Newly Allowed: Warlock


  • Disallowed: Tiefling, Dragonborn, Goliath, Gensai, monsters and "all that nonsense"
  • Altered: Gnome, Elf, Halfling
  • Newly Allowed: Half-Elf


All elves belong to the "sidhe" subrace.

  • +1 Intelligence OR +1 Wisdom
  • Elven Weapon Training
  • You are proficient in saving throws against death. One per short rest, you may remove one death-save failure as a bonus action. You need not be conscious to activate this ability.
  • You do not gain a Silver Swan wondrous item.


Available Subraces: Boat Halfling, Road Halfling

  • Boat Halfling
    • +1 Constitution
    • You have advantage on all checks made to swim and to hold your breath.
  • Road Halfling
    • As Lightfoot.


  • Hakani Gnomes
    • As Rock Gnome, except:
      • Replace attribute bonuses with +2 Intelligence and +1 Charisma (Or +2? DMG/PHB contradict. Naturally.)
  • Wild/Island Gnome
    • As Forest Gnome, except:
      • Replace attribute bonuses with +1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom
      • Replace "Natural Illusionist" with "Mask of the Wild" from Wood Elf entry.
  • Breaker Gnomes
    • [???]
      • [???]
      • Not suitable for PCs.


  • Spells from Core Rule Books, Unearthed Arcana, and Elemental Evil Player Companion Guide only.