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The Heroes...?

  • Isray, Tyrian Entrepreneur (Human, Soulknife) - (Gary)
  • Flxx, Restaurateur and Racketeer (Gith, Psychic Warrior) - (Brad)
  • Mitros, Elemental cleric of the Red Sun. (Half-Elf, Sun Cleric) - (Geoff)
  • Bashi, Veiled Alliance Operative (Human, Wastehunter Ranger) - (JP)


  • RIP Gustav, a victim of the brickyards (Air Genasi, Monk) - (JP)

Tyrian Notables

  • Nxx, leader of the Gith gang... for now.
  • Thrax, Bryll, Pred, friends of Mitros from the brickyard days
  • Urrgos a half-giant enamored with Isray
  • Dickus Grikus, a cruel mul overseer who was taken down by Isray in a slave pit altercation


  • Kalak the Tyrant: Immortal Sorcerer-King of Tyr
  • High Templar King Tithian I: The Emancipator. Coup participant.
  • Templar Timor
    • Part of Tithian's Inner Circle
    • Former Owner of Flxx
    • Current Patron of Isray
    • Made note of Mitros before casting him back into the pits.
  • Templar Prend
    • Rescued by the party from the Arena


  • Agis of Asticles: Noble; Master of the Way; Coup Participant
  • Teresiel, a half-elf bastard and emissary of a noble house; missing with delegation returning from Ringing Mntns

Merchant House Vordon

  • Thaxos, head of House Vordon, member of Tyrian Council
  • Talara, Thaxos' cousin; aids in House Vordon operations
  • Teamster Gray. caravan leader
  • Luopolus, A former human caravan guard for House Vordon, who was a long term prisoner of the Sevenintry tribe of Gith.

Elf Tribes

  • Antagonistic to Mitros
    • Night Runners
    • Wind Dancers
      • Last heard to operate out of Drakespire
      • Known Members:
        • Windharrow, renegade, bardic Servant of Aerisi Kalinoth; Target of Isray

Urbane Carnivores

  • Headed up by the Gith Gang, led by Nxx
  • G'zz and Dnst Beneficiaries of a developing corpse-food exchange system architected by Flxx.
  • Joined by The scavenger ratmen, the local Tari tribe in Chief Nxx's "Protection racket" as conceived by Flxx, led by Chief Wee-Bay
  • Jsqyll wife and sister of Flxx
  • Ol One Ear Belgoi Clan elder, ally of Flxx

The Veiled Alliance

  • Sadira, Coup Participant.
  • Ktandeo, a powerful member of the Veiled Alliance, killed in the raid on the Red Kank
  • Faldar, a member of the Veiled Alliance who operated in the brickyards before the Games, befriended by Bashi
  • Etheros, a former regular at the Red Kank who recruited Bashi into the resistance. Killed in the Templar's raid.

The Free


Village of Kled

Fort Skonz

  • controlled by House Inika which operates out of [[Gulg]
  • located where the rocky badlands empty into the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes
  • sandstone/boulder walls are 8'-12' tall to keep back the blowing sand

1) Shrine to Oba, Goddess of the Elements

Supervised by a Gulgite Templar
Acolyte is sympathetic to Tyr
Open to all Elemental Clerics and Druids

2) The Swinging Sword (Inn)

Met Some People Here

3) Highsun Helm (Tavern)

Met Some People Here

4) The Hostel (Elftown)

Lowest quality lodgings here

5) House Inika of Gulg

Met Some People Here
High Quality Wagons Here

6) Chansyrl Harnessworks

7) Helvur the Clothier

8) Millworks and Bakery

9) Bone and Stoneworks

10) Drouth Small Meats

11) Jalessa Ornra the Butcher

12) Finestone Quarryworks

13) Mekillot Arms

14) Mhandyvver's Lizardworks

15) Haeleeya's Bathhouse

A Brothel?

16) Waelvur's Wagonworks

Cheap, Low-Quality Wagons

17) Gaelkur's General Goods

A Shepard often lingers out front

18) Mellikgo's Stoneworks

19) Luruth's Tannery

20) Bethendur's Warehousing

21) The Marketplace

In 6 days the Big Market will convene.

22) Vallivoe's Sundries

Lance Rock

  • former lair of defiler
  • potential home-base for The Griks

In a back alcove of the cave, a strange eye-shaped symbol floated above 4 sigils:

reported to have been seen by the wainwrights on a caravan delivering beer to a druid rave
symbol of Yan-C-Bin
carved into the stone armor of a dead body buried in the stone cairns N of Fort Skonz
carved armor of the Bringers of Woe
carved into the forehead of Laroche
Cult of Olhydra