Detect Violence

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Detect Violence
Level: Clr 1 Pal 1 Rgr 1
Components: V, S, DF
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: 60 feet.
Area: Cone-Shaped emanation
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 round/lvl
Saving Throw: No
Spell Resistance: No


When casting the spell, you perceive the residual aura caused by acts of violence committed in the area of effect. The spell detects violence within the past one month per caster level. The spell cannot detect violet acts that occurred prior to the spell's time limit, regardless of intensity. Violence does not necessarily mean death, but the more violent the act the stronger the psychic residue. The spell does not detect motive or perpetrator or any other information about the violence.

By concentrating, you can learn more details of specific acts.

1st Round: Presence of past violence in the area.

2nd Round: Number and location of violent acts.

3rd Round: Strength of aura of violent acts.

4th Round and Beyond: Number of days and hours since most recent violent act, then of earlier acts reverse chronologically, revealing one per round.

Faint / 10 HP or less non-lethal, 2 hp or less lethal / Temporary blindness or deafness, pinning, stunning

Moderate / 11-30 HP non lethal, 3-10 hp lethal / Permanent blindness or deafness, ability damage, paralyzing effect

Strong / 31-50 HP nonlethal, 11-30 hp lethal / ability drain, unsuccessful death effect

Overwhelming / 51 + nonlethal HP or 31+ lethal HP / Successful death effect

If the damage led to a creatures death, the reading is one level stronger, up to a maximum of overwhelming.