Roscoe Duke

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Character Stats
Level 2/1
Race Human
Class Barbarian/Fighter
Armor Chain Mail
Weapon(s) Greatsword
Hometown Treulan Tribe
Timeline Note:This information is for a historical game and may not apply to games using the modern world timeline. Discuss with your GameMaster before using this information for games later than 1000 FI.

Roscoe "Ugly" Duke

Roscoe (or "Ugly" as everyone calls him) is, to put it politely, provincial. He's also ugly and kinda dumb. But what he lacks in looks, grace, and smarts, he makes up for in pure farm-boy brawn and simple-minded religious zealotry. He distrusts those not like him and tends to assume he's better than they are, but isn't the type to burn a cross to scare off the gnomes who just moved into the neighborhood. He'll just look at them funny and be mildly suspicious. But then, he looks at everyone funny, since it's hard not to when one eye is half an inch above the other one.

If you ask Ugly why he's so ugly, he'll reply with "Cuz that's mah name, dummeh." He's never seen or heard of written words. He's also freakin' huge, so he doesn't worry much about subtlties. He hits things, and he hits them hard. He carries a greatsword that his Maw-maw gave him for his 10th birthday. He also carries a bow that looks like a small tree (composite longbow appropriate for his strength) and wears chainmail armor.

He's from somewhere in Arabelle.

Campaign : Arabelle Adventurers

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