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In Our Last Episode

6 Verdant 1401 FI

  • Lizardman leader tells us that ridding the temple of its evil would give him control over the Dragon Turtle protectors
  • Mose then gets it into his head that they have to go fight the evil guy in the dome.
  • Party buffs him to high heaven and runemaker helps him through the dome.
  • Gentle breeze inside the dome, large willow tree, impossibly large tree. 65ft across, 100ft tall
  • (Out of character we know the elf is Adrillathellior Teldandilion)
  • Epic battle ensues, Silverwalkers are victorious!
  • Some loot found and ID'd

In this Episode

  • Party decides to leave the temple to go see Lizardman leader.

Displacer Battle

  • Displacer beast beatdown!
    • QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin uses sojourner teleport to get out of grapple when Displacer Lord begins to run off into the swamp with him.
    • 4 charges left
    • Displacer Lord tries to run off with  GrrrllwofrowffgrrToken.PNG Grrrllwofrowffgrr, but a magic missile prevents such a fate.
    • They (beasts) are killed!
      • 1000 xp for level 8s
      • 750 xp for level 9s
      • Found 2446 gold
      • Found 1258 silver
  • Party Rest at lair
New Day Begins

7 Verdant 1401 FI

Lizardman Camp

  • Back at Lizardman camp
    • Shaman says he might eventually be able to control the turtles after months, will possibly require some sort of major offering to rouse the turtles.
    • Turtles currenly gone back dormant
    • Have become Turtle Tribe, abandoning their veneration of the Hydra. Will be moving to the temple.
    • Lizardmen are interested in becoming allies of Wydmoor now
    • Will escort city parties through the swamp, helping to keep the city supplied through Sherdam and the Banditlands, though the thieves guild will be basically in control of this.
  • We open discussion with  NapridToken.jpg Naprid
    • We tell him of our success
    • Could return to the city, through the back entrances
    • Egg has gotten access to the war room (by forging a letter of introduction from Germain, et al.)
    • Odessans have been causing diseases on the poor refugees!
    • The culprits are basically known, but the Wraiths and City are unable to get relief through the seige lines, and the camps are too weakned and disorgainized - especially with  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay dead - to do much.
    •  MaggrToken.jpg Maggr abandoned the council when his mother  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay died.
      •  MaggrToken.jpg Maggr left when he was angry that the Wraiths refused to release soldiers to try and break the lines to get aid to the camp
      • Left the council with his dog, snuck through lines, and gathered his dog riders to become supply line raiders
    • As they are being supplied out of the camps, this puts the camps at risk of reprisals.
    •  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalay died!
      • She died of disease! (Befoulers, 8 days ago)
      • Caught multiple diseases and died from onset before she could cast the Remove Diseases.
  • LEToken.PNG LE is cold logical about it, and this angers MoseToken.PNG Mose
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika is very sad and sobbing about it

Return to Wydmoor

  • Party heads back to Wydmoor
  • We avoid all patrols!
  •  GrrrllwofrowffgrrToken.PNG Grrrllwofrowffgrr stays in abandoned watch tower
  • Party goes into  EdrellToken.JPG Edrell's home
  • Mat the raven tells us about  EdrellToken.JPG Edrell setting up defenses
    • Mostly absent from the war room since Silverwalkers left on their mission
    • Iron and Clay Golems came with the Mage's Keep, work for Magius
    • Mat doesn't know much about the political status of the town and is actively disinterested.
  • We go to the Non-tunnel into the cathedral into the city
  • We only encounter golems (friendly): Iron, Clay

City Research (Azure Geese, etc)

  • Party is in the city, researching, etc.
  • MoseToken.PNG Mose, KimikaToken.PNG Kimika stay in the temple and pray. MoseToken.PNG Mose reviews inventory for tithing.
  • MoseToken.PNG Mose tithes all the party's tapestries to the church
  • GermainToken.PNG Germain and company visit Egg and the Azure Geese and receive news/info:
    • Egg has converted GermainToken.PNG Germain's apartment into a small office/library.
    • Built up a 2700 gp tab in GermainToken.PNG Germain's name using forged IOUs.
      • Was only given one weeks worth of operating capital (300gp) when Germain left. Bought up a *ton* of books from desperate refugees.
    • Recommend trading food/weapons for artwork for long-term profit ("I don't know how you feel about war profiteering, but. . . " were his exact words)
    • Azure Geese has 13 people in town guard, 40% our people, 40% thieves guild people, 20% others
    • They stopped sending grain to the refugees because the siege lines surround Wydmoor on 3 sides.
    • Melkior?
      • From Egg's Bag of Books
      • alumni almanac for unrekti university
      • Melkior was a graduate from Ubrekti University ~200 years ago
      • Not named by exact same name, around that time though, there was a tale of a Melkior Necromancer (skilled) in Wydmoor which led to a 6-month servitor incursion of the region. Lots of hobgoblins came in town and attacked until Melkior vanished. Egg surmised this.
    • Tells Egg about prismatic wall
  • We leave our stuff with Egg to appraise, head to Castle Wydmoor


  •  OlderRalthToken.jpg Ralth thinks the long-term goal is to find some way to beat the Odessans badly enough to draw concessions
  •  NapridToken.jpg Naprid thinks we need an indirect/direct way to make them withdraw and thinks that's enough of a goal
  • Law in the city right now:
    • Uneasy truce between the factions
      • Only noble in the War Room is Burghur, and he contributes little.
      • Whatever is going on with the Monied/Gentry Factions is happening off the radar.
    • Nobles and Gentry negotating/martialing troops waiting for the seige to resolve?
      • Bloodletting? New Coalition? Outcome uncertain.
    • Post-Siege Power Vaccuum likely.
      • Theives' Guild likely to be strongest single faction, as they will now doubt be entrenching and growing wealthy as the primary suppliers during the seige
      • Unknown what the new Landed Powers coalition will look like. GermainToken.PNG Germain has his foot in the door with a somewhat marginalized noble family.
    • The guards are keeping marshal law
      • Specifically guarding the bank, which is closed, and the granary. The Warrens are a dark, empty wasteland. Most public business has ceased.
      • Curfew in effect. Severe regulations in place. Morale in the city is also pitiful.
    • Food is given out in daily rations to all city residents. Access to the refugees is generally considered to be too dangerous to attempt.
  • War room basically calls the shots now. How the new government will be constituted is unknown, and not much thought about at the present.
  • Councils of important people
    •  OscartToken.jpg Oscart - Hadriarch, Head of the Church in Wydmoor Region, and currently his cathedral is the only active church left in Wydmoor.
    •  ElkitToken.jpg Elkit - Councilwoman, Merchant & Pawnbroker
    •  HaggarToken.jpg Haggar - exmayor and current councilman, local entrepenuer, owns two brickworks
    •  FennToken.JPG Fenn - thieves guild rep, former Guardsman colleague of Germain's
    •  TeodoraToken.jpg Teodora - interim sheriff, long time guard captain heh
    •  BurghurToken.jpg Burghur - Councilman and Guild Master, was the Mayor's man & is firmly in the camp of the landed gentry.
    •  OlderRalthToken.jpg Ralth - Leader of the Bog Wraiths
    •  NapridToken.jpg Naprid - Retired Leader of the Bog Wraiths, Main Advisor to Ralth
  •  NapridToken.jpg Naprid and Magth mercenary make a deal
    • Was probably promised a lot of stuff after the war to help us
    • Also a skilled engineer in his own right
    • His job was to be a runecrafter to make passageways into city for sabetuers
      • He made passageway stones for a small party
      • He does know that there is a mole active in Wydmoor, who has highest access
    • Morale is pretty low in Odessan camps, but high among officers
      • Hobgoblins have abandoned Odessans and have taken to harrassing Odessan supply lines
      • Poisoned food stores and traps at Yalmrinth did not go over well with the troops
      • Troops see this as a war of uncertain purpose and objective
      • As of a few days ago, lots of halfling dog riders began attacking supply lines
    • Command still very confident that they can win the siege
      • Odessans have intimate knowledge of cities defences, preparations, command structures thanks to highly placed mole
      • No reason to believe Mole is still not providing information to the Odessans, possibly even a member of the War Room
      • Since we poisoned food supply, they started plaguebombing refugees
      • There is an infiltration team of clerics and wererats in the sewers slowly poisoning the water supply of Wydmoor
        • No more teleporting, so they went through sewers using runestones.
        • Lots of wydmoor citizens fled after the fire were unable to return, meaning less filth is going into water already.
        • Otyughs keep the water clean in the sewers, unclear where they come from or how they are replaced
        • Odessans sent in a bunch of clerics to purify the towns water
        • Otyughs will die when the water supply is cleaned-up, then the Clerics can leave and the water will become befouled!
          • Since population is reduced by at least 50%, there is also not nearly as much filth going into the sewers, making the job that much easier
          • ( Egg can tell you about Otyughs: )
          • They will likely have reduced attribute scores due to persistant starvation
          • They may or may not be hostile to the party.
          • Killing Otyughs, even ones that attack you, is NOT part of the plan!

War Room

Final GM message

  • Selling in Wydmoor during seige
    • Can sell art only at 25% of book value for it at present
    • Can sell items at 120% of list price for magic items and weapons
    • Can buy chain mail at price ~150%
  • End game XP
    • Swamp Mission Accomplished: 1000 XP
    • Turncoat Acquired!: 250 XP
    • Roleplaying Award: KimikaToken.PNG Kimika (10%)
    • Introspective Roleplaying Award: LEToken.PNG LE (5%)
    • LEToken.PNG LE: Don't forget all your shadow XP!

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