Silverwalkers Quest Notes 2011-03-29

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In Our Last Episode

7 Verdant 1401 FI

  • Party sees Lizardman leader & kills displacer beasts en route.
  • Lizardmen now venerate hydras, willing to become Wydmoor allies.
  •  BethanalayToken.JPG Bethanalaydied of disease,  MaggrToken.jpg Maggr left war council.
  • Odessans diseasing refugees.
  • Party heads back to Wydmoor and does research.
  • Party discovers there is a "mole" in the War Room
  • Party learns of Odessan plot to taint city water supply.
  • RP: Dinner with Egg

War Room Discussions

The Silverwalkers are standing around, but discussed with Elket a handful of artifacts, item trades, etc. She seems willing to deal with the party as long as she is making coin, it seems.

In-character role-play section:

Mose confronts the council but looks mostly at the Hadriarch.

  • Mose: "We completed our side of the bargain to help open supply lines. We only agreed to that if you would assist the refugees. It sounds like you attempted to send some sort of help, but we hear now that not only is the great Bethanalay dead due to lack of support, but thousands of refugees have been killed by things like disease? No wonder Maggr left the council! How is it possible that the council or church couldn't help them more? We can't turn our backs on them in their hour of need!"

In This Episode

Sewer Duty

9 Verdant 1401 FI

  • In the sewer, water is very clean. Way too clean.
  • Light is cast on Germain and he is brighter than usual
  • AlToken.PNG Al becomes a crocodile
  • AlToken.PNG Al communes with rats
  • Far to the north, winding through the sewers, there's a large passageway
  • To the north of that are humans who are making problems!
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika and AlToken.PNG Al cast Freedom of Movement on QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin and MoseToken.PNG Mose
  • Party makes its way through the sewer in the direction the rats indicate
  • AlToken.PNG Al and MoseToken.PNG Mose lead the way through the sewers.
  • Otyughs are very sick! We see them down the side hallways.
  • QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin throws some feces to two Otyughs they pass, the Otyughs brighten up.
  • MoseToken.PNG Mose sticks his neck into a big room and spots some more sick Otyughs and a cleric (pitch-black but seen via darkvision)

Cleric Battle

  • QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin drinks potion of darkvision
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika casts Bless
  • QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin and MoseToken.PNG Mose coat their weapons with Silversheen
  • QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin charges ahead
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika casts Silence on QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin at his request
  • GermainToken.PNG Germain blows his haste horn, but QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin and MoseToken.PNG Mose can't hear it because they're in the sphere of silence.
  • Mose summons Way to help
  • QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin, AlToken.PNG Al, and MoseToken.PNG Mose rush to fight the clerics they see on one side of the large sewer chamber
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika, LEToken.PNG LE, and GermainToken.PNG Germain remain back a little bit
  • The enemy clerics take advantage of this by erecting a devastating Wall of Stone which splits the party in half. The wall requires ~80 STR to breath through and would take days to chip through.
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika summons Latern Archon, and tries to describe the other side of the wall to it (so it can teleport)
  • Enemy cleric casts silence
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika steps out of silence and summons spiritual weapon. A hammer materializes to attack.
  • Enemy clerics both also cast spiritual weapon. 2 swords materialize to attack.
  • LEToken.PNG LE goes invisible and sneaks through the silence, splashes give away her rough position on the other side, though.
  • LEToken.PNG LE tries to Phantasmal Killer a cleric and it hurts him
  • Enemy cleric dispels LEToken.PNG LE's invisibility
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika gets surrounded by wererat assassins!
  • KimikaToken.PNG Kimika casts sanctuary and her Lantern Archon comes to exert its helpful auras over the wererats, one is afflicted by its Aura of Menace for 24 hours. One wererat fails its will check and can no longer attack KimikaToken.PNG Kimika.
  • LEToken.PNG LE casts Phantasmal Killer on one of the wererats (the non-sanctuaried one), and it dies. The other one eventually runs away.
  • AlToken.PNG Al summons a large Earth Elemental, which goes through the wall of stone and starts beating up clerics.
  • One cleric gets tired of the elemental killing his friends, so he dispels it.
  • AlToken.PNG Al is upset that his elemental was dispelled, so he summons a Xorn, which goes through the wall of stone and starts attacking clerics.
  • MoseToken.PNG Mose and QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin finish off the clerics on their side of the Wall of Stone, then both start making an end run around the Wall of Stone through other passages. AlToken.PNG Al turns into an eagle and does the same.
  • LEToken.PNG LE casts fireball and succeeds only in killing an Otyugh. The true targets (clerical manager and supervisor) are unharmed.
  • Everyone on the same side of the Wall of Stone now! One cleric goes down to -1 HP, stabilizes, and is taken prisoner.
  • QuinalinToken.PNG Quinalin finishes off the last cleric, and AlToken.PNG Al uses Heal to stabilize him. He is also taken prisoner.
  • The Xorn makes a 5 foot gap in the Wall of Stone, then goes back to his previous happy and peaceful Xorn existence.

Otyughs & Water Supply Saved!

  • 1725 xp (level 9s), 2200 xp (level 8s), 1100 xp (GermainToken.PNG Germain)
  • 400xp putrify water (KimikaToken.PNG Kimika)
  • MoseToken.PNG Mose and LEToken.PNG LE gain a level.

Items found

  • 880gp total
  • 1 chest with lock
    • Lots of gems (see list below)
    • Wand making materials
  • Leader
    • 1 wand on the leader (high level wand, max 5)
      • 16 charges, Cure Light Wounds, Mass
    • Club (mw)
    • Half-plate (mw)
    • Heavy wooden shield (mw)
  • Middle-manager clerics
    • 3x wand Hold Monster (9 charges, 18 charges, 17 charges)
    • 3x wand Cure Disease (5 charges, 17 charges, 11 charges)
    • 3x heavy mace (mw)
    • 3x half-plate (std)
    • 3x heavy wooden shield
  • Lowest-level clerics
    • 6x wand of Purify food and drink
      • Charges: 14, 17, 16, 36, 32, 31
    • 6x wand of Cure Disease
      • Charges: 19, 16, 30, 13, 27, 25
    • 6x Heavy crossbow (mw)
    • 6x chain shirts (mw)
  • Wererats
    • 4x Potions
    • +2 Leather Armor
    • 2x matched daggers (seem to be made of ironwood, not metal, magical!)
    • +1 Ironwood Dagger, Humanbane
    • +1 Ironwood Dagger, Animalbane
  • Holy symbols (2x for KimikaToken.PNG Kimika) (very indistinguishable)

Gems found

  • Carnelian (low)
  • Iolite (low)
  • Red-brown spinel (low)
  • Peridot (low)
  • Deep blue spinel (mid)
  • 2x Sardonyx (low)
  • 2x Red-brown spinel (mid)
  • Black pearl (mid)
  • Chrysoprase (low)
  • Amethyst (mid)
  • Silver pearl (mid)
  • Aquamarine (mid)
  • 2x Azurite (crap)
  • Malachite (crap)
  • Jet (low)
  • Black pearl (high)
  • 2x Golden yellow topaz (high)
  • Rose quartz (low)
  • Chalcedony (low)
  • Aquamarine (high gp)
  • Amethyst (low gp)
  • Citrine (low gp)

Final GM Message

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