Tempest Blackwind

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Timeline Note:This information is for a historical game and may not apply to games using the modern world timeline. Discuss with your GameMaster before using this information for games later than 1000 FI.
Character Stats
Level 4
Race Human
Class Fighter
Armor Chain Shirt
Weapon(s) Dual-wielded Peteran Scimitars
Hometown Somewhere in Petera

Tempest Blackwind is the daughter of the wealthy Blackwind family. Her father trained at Peteran University and eventually became an illustrious Blade Dervish. As the only child to her parents, she sought to follow in her father's footsteps and enrolled at University Jalaroi in the hopes that she too would be accepted as a student to a Blade Dervish master. Her first mentor in school was the accomplished Darly Hunt. Darly's skill and grace with her twin scimitars enraptured Tempest and she sought to learn everything she could from Darly.

Then one morning, Tempest learned that Darly had received an urgent letter (she did not know from who), and was leaving that very afternoon. This unsettled Tempest and with a great sense of foreboding, Tempest decided to follow Darly to find out what was going on, and to help if she could. Darly would hear none of it though and forbade Tempest from following. "Your place is here right now, and mine is elsewhere. Besides, I can't stand to be in one place for too long - there's too much out there to see! Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it," Darly told her, feigning lightheartedness.

However, Tempest was still young and headstrong. Once she made up her mind, she would not be swayed, and she attempted to follow Darly in secret... and failed. The Shadowdancer quickly lost the young warrior, and Tempest's progress toward her mentor was slowed considerably. Knowing that Darly was from somewhere near The Pinch, Tempest set out toward Arabelle, the largest city in the region, in search of any information that would lead her to Darly's whereabouts.

(Brandy's note to DM: This means that Tempest does not know Roscoe Duke at the beginning of the next game, and has not met up with Darly's tribe)

Campaign : Arabelle Adventurers

SPOILER : Tempest Blackwind's Character Sheet