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Kobolds are short, reptilian, sapient humanoids, considered to be particularly cowardly and sadistic. They are comparable in size to the average halfling, with scaly skin ranging from a dark rusty brown to a matte black.

As a race in constant conflict with a particularly unimposing physical stature, kobolds have garnered a reputation for cowardly tactics, and are known for their cunning traps and sadistic treatment of captives.

Characters as Kobolds

Kobold characters are subject to the following game rule information:

+2 Dex, -4 Str, -2 Con
Type: Humanoid(Reptilian)
Size S
Base land speed: 30'
Darkvision to 60'
+1 natural armor bonus
Light sensitivity: Dazzled when in bright daylight, or under the effects of a daylight spell.
+2 racial bonus to the skills Craft (trapmaking), Profession (miner), and Search. Favored class: Sorceror