Alexandrian Church

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The Omnity watches the heavens, we defend the earth, and I stand guard against myself.
- A Common Children's Prayer

The Church is the primary religious institution on the mainland. While the land may be divided, and often conflict ridden, the people of the mainland are united in their devotion to the church. The church-proper is divided up into regional episcopacies which all answer to the Arch-Warden and his Stand. Several manifest episcopacies also exist in a somewhat separate hierarchy. The Alexandrian Church is a monotheistic faith centered around the veneration of Alexandria Omnity.

Other religions exist, particularly in the Petran Empire and Ulan, but all derive from Alexandria in one form or another. Additionally, there are several known cults, and frequently heresies spring up across the mainland. Prior to Alexandria's assumption of the Omnity, the world was served by the Demi-Pantheon, who themselves received divinity from the Eight Makers after the Battle of Sacrifice that ended the First War.

Although the church was nominally created by Alexandria herself shortly before her battle with the Dark Fiend, the institution itself was largely a product of the efforts and compromises of Steros Merroand and Mythrian Arabelle. Theology and doctrine, while still broadly if glacially malleable, began to finalize around 200 years after inception, when the final Canon of Orthodoxy was established after the Second Council of Ubreckt.