Alexandrian Universities

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In ancient times, there was a single center of learning: The University. According to tradition, it was founded at the height of the Ubrekti Empire by Emperitor Theophilius. After it was sacked in the winter of 1150 BI, during the Third War of Fracture, no comparable centers of scholarship were to exist until the founding of the University of Hakan in 145 BI. In the centuries that followed, several nations chartered their own national universities, something especially encouraged by the young Alexandrian Church. Some argue than the pre-Alexandrian College of the Admiralty of Sidhe-Praxen should be included in a discussion of the Universities, but since it has apparently been disbanded for over 1000 years, the point is somewhat moot. A better argument could be made for the inclusion of the Dwarven School of War, founded in 820 BI.

Founded In Name Nation
145 BI University of Hakan Hakan
98 BI University of Ubrekt Ubrekt
75 BI University Jalaroi (Martial & Natural Sciences) Petara
25 BI University Ishkahni (Religious & Arcane) Petara
3 BI University of Flannery Flannery
10 FI University of Fresia Fresia
21 FI University Wtherias Alexia
93 FI University of Odessa Odessa
169 FI University of Alexia Alexia
180 FI University of Celestia Celestia
511 FI Houses of the Ancestors Gildenhome