Swift Zombies

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A zombie variant that moves quickly, sacrificing resilience for full actions.


  • Highly Susceptible to Fire.
  • Are not limited to partial actions.
  • No Damage Resistance.
  • Few hitpoints


Variants exist that have different attributes.

Coughing Variant

A skinny and fairly stealthy variant, distinguished by punctuating its actions with a distinctive, rattling cough. It is equipped with a long tongue that can be used for a special attack:

Cougher Tongue Attack

A touch attack allows the cougher to snare its foe, automatically grappling and wrapping itself solidly around the torso or neck if the attack hits. Starting the next round, the tongue then retracts at 30' per round. If the neck is snared, then suffocation damage is presumably done (but this has yet to happen). The tongue has a fairly low AC, and a successful attack with minimal damage snaps it in two. It is unknown if the tongue regenerates.

Belching Variant

A fat variant, also surprisingly stealthy. The belcher attempts to get close to a living creature, then spews forth a rancorous bile onto it.

Belcher Attack

The Belcher spews into the area of its intended victim. The creature gets a Reflex save (at unknown DC) to attempt to dodge the spray. This substance has the effect of exciting all swift zombies within a certain range, all of whom start moaning excitedly, attracting zombies that otherwise would not be within range to sense the bile. The bile also subtracts 1 from to hit, 2 from AC, and 5 from AC from the victim. If the belcher dies, he explodes, showering all nearby (5'? 10'?) with the substance, to the same effect. The bile can be washed off by jumping into water, or the victim can wait, as its potency wears off naturally in five rounds.

Screeching Variant

A rather lithe variant distinguished by the unearthly cries emitted when making its signature attack, the Screecher can jump extreme distances in a surprise attack, attempting to pin the victim to the ground.

Screecher Jump Attack

The screecher has been seen jumping upwards of 50' [possibly more or less, have to check the map]. Upon reaching the intended target, a touch attack is made. If successful, the attack does damage, and a grapple is initiated. If the grapple check is made in the Sreecher's favor, then both it and its target are knocked to the ground, after which the Screecher will attempt a pin, then set into the victim with his claws.

Sobbing Variant

This version will sit in one place and sob until she is set off (DC ?? Move Silent check when within X feet). Whatever makes the most noise, or whatever is closest when she goes off will be her target, which she will attack single-mindedly until it ceases to live. She gets 5 attacks at 1d8+str bonus each on a full attack (Str 20 has been witnessed), and can take her full complement of attacks at the end of a charge. It can probably be assumed that she also has a very high movement rate, but this hasn't been witnessed.

Giantkin Variant

Large-sized and very strong with many hitpoints.

Fiddler Crab Variant

Medium-sized, but attacks like a Large creature with one oversized arm.

Hitcher Variant

Tiny, screeching varmint that (presumably) can hitch a ride on other creatures, including unwilling ones. This behavior has yet to actually be observed, however.

Acid Spit Variant

Long-necked variant that spits gobs of acid that spread to become 20' radius acid-filled areas that cause damage to through traffic.