The Scar

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A desolate wasteland at the heart of the nation of Gildenhome that stretches for thousands of square miles, bounded by the Gildresian Range to the west and south, and the Great Shield mountains to the north.

During the Primal Age and the Time of the Eight, the country was pleasant and hilly country, dotted with hundreds of small lakes and bearing a temperate climate. According to Dwarven lore, this is their homeland and was once the heart of the first dwarven kingdom. During the First War, the Wrath of Heaven annihilated the entire kingdom in a heartbeat, leaving only the ruined and broken landscape of the Scar.

In thousand years that followed, servitors and other creatures that thrive in the hostile places of the world moved in and claimed the Scar for their own.

During the Age of Demigods, the original Gnomish kingdom of Hakan was swallowed by the Ubrekti war machine and the Gnomes migrated to Gildenhome during the Gnomish Vassalage. In their centuries of asymmetric struggle with the Ubrekti Empire, the gnomes developed no small amount of martial cunning, and so when confronted by lack of land and opportunity in their expatriate homeland, they formed small bands and headed into the Scar. And so, the of the Scar were born. In the centuries after the first gnomish bands plunged into the wilderness, the Wild Gnomes have carved out a thriving society for themselves in the region and represent the Scar's only population of the Goodly Races, adapting to the area so thoroughly that the Wild Gnomes chose to stay behind when their Hakani cousins returned to their ancestral homelands during Alexandria's Reign.