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Alexandria is the central object of worship among the Faithful of the mainland. According to Alexandrian Orthodoxy, Alexandria was born a mortal human. As an Oracular Candidate, She became the Champion of Prophecy after her death at the hands of Arek the Darkling Prophet and subsuquent revivification by the First Stand. Over the course of twenty years, Alexandria and her followers studied the Prophecies of Alabar Tremaline and the eight-and-one obelisks, until finally unlocking their secrets and assuming the Omnity.

Very little is known about Alexandria's youth, and what is known comes from a single verse of the Testimonial of Dadtim the Younger. A human orphaned in infancy, Alexandria was raised by Orthiot of Tragidore until the age of about 14 or 15, when he was killed by Arak, the first Dark Prophet, shortly before the razing of Tragidore by the Black Wyrm. She, along with most of the rest of the Children of Tragedy, were adopted by the diverse and fractious group that would become known as the First Stand.

The story of her quests, rise to singular godhead - the Omnity - and defeat of the Dark Fiend makes up the central narrative and theology of the Alexandrian Church and is told in the Canon of Orthodoxy.

Every region seems to lay claim to the former city of Tragidore, although its actual location is lost to time.