Canon of Orthodoxy

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The Canon of Orthodoxy is the central body of religious lore for the Alexandrian Church. It is made up of a number of individual Testimonials written by her earliest followers and closest friends. While many Testimonials have existed through the ages, those accepted as orthodox the testimonials of Mythrian, Marrwyn, Steros, Kivan, and Dadtim the Younger. Although the original testimonials were written in a variety of languages, the Canon-proper is made up of translations into the Ubrekti language. Even when the Canonical Liturgies are translated into other languages, these translations are based off of the Ubrekti Canon.

  • Original Manuscript Language
    • Testimonial of Sterros: Fresian
    • Testimonial of Mythrian: Fresian
    • Testimonial of Marwynn: Sidhe
    • Testimonial of Kivan: Sidhe, Odessan, and Old Ubrekti
    • Testimonial of Dadtim: Dwarven

  • Heretical and Ancillary Texts
    • Apologia of Antioch: Hakani
Commentaries on the nature of the Servitors and the Shadow Realm
    • Teldar's Capitulation: Dwarven
A set of letters written in the final year of the Prophet's War between Mythrian and Sterros and Teldar Stoneweld leading to the end of the conflict.
One of the mainland's central philosophical texts.
    • Commentaries of Hargadramd: Gnomish
A reflection on the relationship between the conceptual, bureaucratic, magical, and economic identities of the church as she had developed by the mid-second century.
A difficult read.

The Tremaliene Prophecies, while not a part of the Canon of Orthodoxy, are a respected part of church tradition and theology, as are several of the Commentaries and the Apology of Antioch. See Category:Canon of Orthodoxy.