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Character Stats
Level 7
Race Human
Class Inquisitor (Infiltrator) 7
Armor Studded Leather
Weapon(s) Masterwork Longbow, Dagger
Hometown Celstia

Apt is a human Inquisitor (Infiltrator) with a focus on the Heresy Inquisition.

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Physical description

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Apt (not his given name) was the son of an ambitious (but not very talented) thief in the Thieves Guild of a growing town. His father's friends tasked him with being an altar boy at the local church and positioned him into being the child attendant for a minor church official. Apt reported the comings and goings of this official to his father and his friends for a couple of years.

Yet, during all that time working with the church, Apt learned a special love for Alexandria and the ways of faith. He eventually told the local head cleric of what he was asked to do, and the church was fine with that, but asked that Apt also report what he knew of his father and his friends' dealings. In this way, Apt worked as a double agent for the church through his early teen years.

Eventually members of the church killed Apt's father during a treasure raid on a holy tomb. The church was especially kind to Apt ever since, giving him more and more roles to gather information for them, and giving him a loving home that he never had with his roving and shifty father. There was a surprising amount of room for spies in church duties, and Apt was quite apt for such a role.

He has learned not to blame himself for his dad's death, but instead has realized it was the penalty he and his father paid for working against Alexandria's wishes. Apt works to atone for his own wrongdoings by stopping the wrongdoings of others. From time-to-time, Apt will remember his father and feel pangs of resentment for the Church, but he has come to know Alexandria in a way that makes it hard for that resentment to stick for long.

Apt was killed in the Summer of 1403 FI by a Corpseeater Otyugh Queen in the sewers beneath the ruins of Wydmoor.

Apt's Character Sheet