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The mortal champions of the of the Eight Makers who were raised to Demi-Godhood after the Battle of Sacrifice. The were the receptacles of godly might until the ascension of Alexandria to the Omnity, which utterly destroyed them.

List of the Demi-Pantheon

× Name Spheres of Influence Available Domains Gender Race Alignment
Brax War and Conflict Strength, Knowledge, Destruction, Planning, War Male Dwarf LN
Tembre Artisans and Crafts Craft, Metal, Trade Male Human N
Tallia Wine and Theatre Illusion, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery Female Elf NG
Talos Justice and Retribution Law, Retribution, Strength, Protection Male Human N
Morgion Death Death, Renewal, Time Female Gnome N
Tempesta Storms, Lightning, and the Sea Water, Ocean, Air, Storm, Travel, Chaos Female Lizardfolk CN
Nintar Darkness, Trickery, and Merchants Darkness, Trickery, Craft, Illusion, Trade, Luck Male Halfling CN
Alluria Nature Animal, Earth, Air, Water, Plant [Also: Druid Class] Female Elf N
Elbeth Birth and Marriage Healing, Renewal, Family, Protection Female Halfling NG
Tilatil Scholarship and Learning Knowledge, Planning, Healing, Magic, Spell Male Gnome LN
Natalia Peace and Diplomacy Good, Law, Protection, Healing, Nobility, Charm Female Half-Elf LG
Markos Invention and Innovation Knowledge, Trade, Craft, Metal Male Human LN
Agliar Law and Order Law, Nobility, Planning, Protection Male Dwarf LN
Natashial Athletics and Competition Strength, Luck, Time, Travel Female Elf NG
Catar Forests and Wild Places Plant, Renewal, Water, Strength, Healing Male Half-Orc N
Palaril Agriculture Renewal, Plant, Water, Planning Female Halfling NG
Atharia Wisdom Fate, Planning, Nobility, Knowledge Female Elf NG
Hepalia Medicine and Healing Healing, Renewal, Plant, Good Female Human CG
Hrax Blacksmiths and Metalworking Craft, Metal, Trade, Fire Male Dwarf LN
Lunati Poetry and Romance Moon, Fate, Good, Darkness, Time Female Half-Elf CG
Talar Chastity and Virtue Good, Nobility, Protection, Magic, Spell Female Human LG
Sari Hope, Innocence, and Children Protection, Good, Family, Renewal Female Halfling CG
Reth Hunting and Dancing Plant, Animal, Air, Earth, Fire Female Elf CG
Sarai Love and Pleasure Family, Renewal, Charm, Healing Female Elf CN
Thraq Ice and Mountains Water, Cavern, Illusion, Strength Male Dwarf LN
Moyria Rivers, Streams, and Lakes Water, Travel, Healing, Chaos Female Half-Elf CN
Lyssia Music, Bards, and Wanderers Trickery, Illusion, Spell, Magic, Knowledge, Fate Female Human N
Alandradar Travel and Nomads Travel, Trickery, Trade, Chaos, Luck Male Gnome N
Hroth Leadership and Guardianship Protection, Charm, Good, Law Male Human LG
Snibrnuth The Earth, Minerals, and Caverns Earth, Craft, Trade, Metal, Cavern Male Gnome NG
Fayae Fate and Divination Fate, Knowledge, Magic, Spell, Time Female Lizardfolk N
The Night Serpent Sleep and Night Darkness, Charm, Renewal, Moon Unk/NA Dark Naga NE

(Note: Deities races and sexes are for information purposes only. The deities long ago transcended any notion of race or gender. Characters may choose deities without regards to the race or alignment of their patron. Character clerics may choose two domains among those allowed by their deity.)