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The Elves are widely considered by outsiders to be a doomed race, and an undeniable strain of pessimism and cynicism runs through elves in general. Outsiders do not interact with elves in significant enough quantities for them to have a well-define set of prejudices. Since the Elven presence on the mainland has been essentially nil for at least a thousand years, they have passed into legend for most of the population. As such, elves largely occupy a place of mythology, either cruel or kind depending on region.

Although in the past they were quite numerous, occupying significant portions of the mainland, they are now entirely isolated to their home isles of Sidhe-Praxen. The number of elves in the known world is quite small, probably in the low five-figures, and is assumed to be stagnant, if not in decline. For many centuries, the elves have all-but closed themselves off from the world. They conduct only the most limited trade, and outsiders are forbidden in all but one elven city. Elves, likewise, are forbidden from leaving, and those who do are never allowed to return.

Game Mechanic Notes

While the pre-alexandrian elves were a highly arcane society, the elves of the modern era are much less refined. Thus, an elf's favored class is not wizard, but instead an elf may choose ranger or druid.