First Interregnum

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The Interregnums are those periods of time where the church has been without an Arch-Warden.

After a great deal of debate, a popular and well respected, but ancient gnome - Paggnellot Hargadramd - was finally chosen as the new Arch-Warden.


When Danthel Abbled and her chosen successor, Rslik Asrsal, were killed in a magical accident, the Stand was thrown into turmoil and confusion, leading to the First Interregnum.

The First Interregnum lasted from 167 FI until 169 FI, during which time the Stand discussed the problem of succession and figured out how to bypass the Stone-Warden to anoint a new Arch-Warden. Unlike later Interregnums, which could rightly be labeled "civil wars", the First Interregnum was a peaceful, if ponderous, transfer of power. The major conflict was between the Councilist Faction (which argued for a church without an Arch-Warden) and the Monarchist Faction (which sought to restore centralized authority).


Unlike later Interregnums, this was not a civil war and a bloodless affair. For the duration of the crisis, the church was led by a council. While it was not a martial conflict, the Interregnum was a tremendously sensitive political contest.


The Monarchist faction prevailed over the Councilist faction, largely a result of a failed assassination attempt against Paggnellot Hargadramd that led to a sea-change of moderate opinion in favor of the Monarchists. Only a handfew of deaths resulted from the entire scope of the Interregnum, although its aftermath saw hundreds of clerics defrocked and excommunicated by the new Arch-Warden.