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Flxx Cas'Wlxnynyn,more commonly known as Flxx was named so as he was the fifth of his brood to crawl his way out of the his tribal hatchery in some cases, over the bodies of his fellow clutchmates, as is Gith custom.

This is known as The Dredge and it is by this secondary birthing order by which Gith childhood rank is established.

Flxx was born part of the Sevenintry tribe of the Great Northwestern Nation of the Gith Authority, which in turn is made up of various regional tribal/clan/confederacies of Gith across the Tyr-Raam region of the tablelands.

Despite it's regal and official sounding term, the Gith Authorty is not an official rank or power structure but more of the trappings of such things, more a faded memory of their once imperial racial past.

Thus, the actual "Gith Authority" is simply a very informal but highly ritualistic, loose collective term for the most powerful Gith leaders. Something the most powerful individual Gith in the tablelands claim membership in but little actual organization exists.

Flxx's father Vyykwyn was an accomplished Liberator and Psychic warrior and was fourth of the 13 chosen mates of Wlxnynyn, Flxx's mother, a moderately accomplished Defiler and psionicist and thus leader of the Sevenintry tribe. As such, Flxx, being a upper-middle ranking male was from a young age was trained in the martial styles of "the Way", as is Gith custom.

As a youth, Flxx was fascinated by the tales he would hear of the strange ways of humans from Luopolus, a human caravan guard of House Vordon. for a time, a hostage Sevenintry. They kept him for several weeks until they traded him to a pack of Belgoi. As is Gith custom with hostages, they resisted the urge to eat him, feasting instead on his fallen comrades and only eating one leg, below the knee, out of respect for a worthy foe.

All in all, life was good.

Tragedy struck from multiple angles in the 18th year since Flxx's Dredge. After a long career of great success, Vyykwyn experienced a prolonged drought of profitable raids.

This jeopardized his position in the tribe as a Liberator and more so as his position among Wlxnynyn's mates and thus the position of their mutual progeny. After resisting a third challenge to his position by a younger rival, Vyykwyn was exhausted and thus embarked on what would become a fatal gambit.

Before the entire gathering of the Great Northwestern Nation at the Starfall grand moot, Vyykwyn ignoring the advice of Flxx made the bold challenge of a hunt for a Braxat, and it's fabled armor as a prize and boon to his tribe.

Vyykwyn gambit was twofold, by making a formal challenge this allowed him to "recruit" his rivals into following him on a raid. A raid, if successful would make him and those who followed them legends. It also would force his rivals to put off their more frequent challenges for a time. If none of his rivals agreed to join the hunt, they would lose too much face to challenge him further,for at least a while. Vyykwyn figured that if he could buy himself sometime..then he could easily smooth things over with a couple of successful raids. His rivals, he judged, were strong and vicious enough but lacked the courage to accept his "offer".

Vyykwyn erred as Flxx predicted, when the rivals, led by a young Gith named Jxyslkpp called his bluff in open council and accepted his challenge to join his hunt. Now there was no turning back. It would be Vyykwyn and his sons, daughters, nephews and nieces and all of Vyykwyn's rivals..out in the wastes, hunting each other as much as the Braxat.

Vyykwyn however was cagey and sly. Many of his rivals fell to "accidents" and "dangers" along the way. Such dangers of course either conceived or capitalized on by Vyykwyn and executed by his son Flxx. By seasons end, the badlands were covered in the blood of both the rivals and the sons of Vyykwyn and now both were among the ancestors on the moons of Ral and Guthay. The deed done, victorious and with rehearsed, faux sadness Vyykwyn and his sons and nephews returned home unsuccessful in finding a Braxat.

Except that's where they were fatally wrong. The Braxat and it's mate had begun tracking the Gith adventurers almost from the start. Watching this party seemingly betray and turn on each other entertained and amused these foul creatures for a time. When Vyykwyn's side prevailed the battle became too one-sided and other than the brutal torture and eating of Jxyslkpp as he still lived, the Braxat couple began to grow bored.

Vyykwyn and his sons came back to a glorious welcome, despite them failing to find the Braxat, everyone understood what had really happened and frankly was happy to have the conflict settled, as long as raids become profitable again. There was a great feast for the heroes and the mates and kin of Vyykwyn's rivals, were absorbed into his own get,as is Gith custom. As a result Jxyslkpp's sister,the gifted but enigmatic seeress named Jsqyll was married formally to her new younger brother,Flxx.

Flxx was less than thrilled. His older brothers by virtue of rank had gained the more attractive, virile and more accomplished raiders or scouts as wives. He was now burdened with this talkative and perhaps slightly insane female who claims to hear the voices of the ancestors. Still her odd reddish brown skin tone made her oddly compelling in her nonsensical rants. This odd skin tone is known as Klkss'isccccck

While Flxx placed no stock in his sister-wife's odd theories about their people's "destiny" or her hearing the "will of the ancestors"..he could not deny that she clearly had otherworldly powers that even his mother found..offputting but also that she could be very oddly persuasive when you listened long enough. Their last night together she told him that the ancestors had given her a vision of the future, where their countrymen from "other shores" will return to the tablelands via a river of silver and that they key to the restoration lies under the crowded and dirty streets of the humans.

The next day, all hell broke loose. The Braxats now had sprung their trap,appearing out of thin air withing the defenses of the camp. The alarm horns were blasted and the warriors, mind benders and Defliers alike rose to battle...but it quickly descended into ruin. The legendary armor of the Braxat made the Gith's weapons futile. Their bone and obsidian spears and arrows shattered off the Braxat's shell. Their powers of the mind and magical abilities decimated the Sevenintry in short order and the next few days were spent in small divided bands running for their lives as the Braxat couple slowly and methodically hunted them down, psychically taunting them, toying with them, taking pleasure into the terror they had unleashed on the Gith. Wlxnynyn was among the first to die.

The small, weary and haggard band of survivors that Flxx found himself among moved out of the waste and closer to the human city of Tyr in hopes of losing the pursuing Braxats or at least leading them to other prey. Sadly, they escaped one predator for another as they were easy prey for the Tyrian slave catcher patrols. Flxx and the remaining members of his tribe were sold into human bondage and set on the task of the construction of King Kalak's Grand Ziggurat. Their first night in bondage, Flxx killed Vyykwyn in his sleep and used his flesh to feed the others left of his people, as also is Gith custom.

The fate of Jsqyll remains a mystery but Flxx knows that she was among the Gith of the Sevenintry taken to Tyr.