Gallus Parvus

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Gallus Parvus ("Little Rooster") is the assumed name of a human from Petara. He fled Petara, where Necromancy is persecuted, and ended up at the University of Ubrekt, where that sort of thing is better tolerated. Although the University of Ubrekt is tolerant of Necromancy, and was willing to take in the young specialist, they grew tired of his inability to pay tuition and his erratic behavior and expelled him. He toddled around the city for awhile, where rumors began to float in about the renewal of war between Flannary and Fresia. Where there is war there is death, and where there is death there is great opportunity for an independent necromancer.

Gallus Parvus was killed on XX XX 1401 by a hunter-infected outside the town of Krestendorf, a fantasy village.

SPOILER: Gallus Parvus' Character Sheet