Goblin (Language)

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The Goblin language is of uncertain origin--all that is really known about its history is that it is quite old, and several regional dialects exist, some of which are barely comprehensible to the others. It serves as a sort of lengu Ubrekti for subterranean Servitor races. It has a fairly large, albeit fairly unstandardized, vocabulary, and its main utility stems from its relative ability to convey difficult or abstract concepts, when compared to certain other Servitor languages (notably Kobold).

Orthography is largely nonexistent, since it is rare for Goblins to stay in one place long enough to require written records, and even rarer for one of the Goodly Races to show a scholarly interest, but exceptions do exist. One such orthography has been developed by Kib Absold--it is, essentially, a diacritically enhanced version of the Dwarven alphabet.