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Character Stats
Level 11
Race Half-elf
Class Psion (Telepath)[1]
Armor Mythril Shirt +2
Weapon(s) Crossbow
Hometown Cebridon

Kaylee was raised shut off from the world on the estates of Hedrifax Kaine. From her earliest years until about puberty, she was raised by her half-sister Marhagarain. Her isolation was lonely, but never boring, as she began tutelage in Psionics from a small group of Gnomish monastics who Kaine brought in to tutor her. These gnomes had been around Odessa for some time, actually, as they were brought in about 30 years ago originally to train Marhagarain. (Although Marhagarain's skills were far less than Kaylee's and Mar went on to pursue a more martial path) Knowing of her half-elven nature and of how dangerous it would be for outsiders to know, she generally accepted the isolation and instead dedicated herself to mastering her art.

When she was 27, she was rescued from her isolation by her sister and a band of strange adventurers. It was only then that she truly learned of Hedrifax Kaine's evil plans. Eager to show off her skills that she has trained so hard on, she now travels with her saviors.

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