Mad Gokar

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Character Stats
Level 6
Race Half-Orc
Class Beastmorph Alchemist/Brutal Pugilist Barbarian
Armor Masterwork Spiked Agile Breastplate
Weapon(s) Masterwork Flail, his hands and teeth
Hometown some savage tribe, Ulan

Recent Thoughts and Experiences

  • Gokar is suspicious of their current job and distrusts and dislikes Lady Mead, but having come all the way to this rotten swamp he's gonna make sure to get something out of it.
  • Gokar does not like ghosts. He's decided hags are even worse. Hags are the worst creature out there. His biggest regret of the recent past is that he didn't kill the first one they met. (his 2nd biggest regret is his choice of formulae the day they attacked the hags).
  • After a nearly disastrous bad day Gokar was relieved to finally get to beat stuff to death with tooth and claw.
  • Gokar has recently made some breakthroughs in his mutation and being able to swim and later see in the darkness was as great as he thought it would be.
  • Though they frequently use alchemy in different ways, Gokar respects Russ and, though he would not admit it, knows that Russ's superior magical skill has helped him advance his own. The recent spending to learn and share several new formulae has greatly increased Gokar's extract options. Out of his current crew Gokar trusts and feels he understands Russ the best.
  • Gokar still frequently mentally drowns Edi out when he starts talking and has a hard time taking anyone so small and puny very seriously. He does recognize the utility of Edi's channels and has increasingly been impressed with Edi's magic. Though he doesn't care for Edi's excitability, religiosity, or insane tendency to give money away Gokar does love a good firey explosion or huge volumes of acid.
  • Gokar still does not really understand Apt and in general feels slightly distrustful of church-folk. He enjoys having Apt around to do the talking and trusts him with bargaining and negotiating, but after nearly being flattened by a huge troll that Apt's arrows took down Gokar finally feels like Apt is a worthy fighter.


Most commonly seen as grotesque. Huge and appearing very orc-like with dark skin and very large tusks. Keeps his head and face shaven. Scars, burns, and tattoos are noticeable on any visible flesh. Gokar usually adopts a Peteran-style of dress with long, loose robes and scarves in a mostly useless attempt to make himself less noticeable. Underneath the robes and scarves a battered breastplate menaces with spikes of silversheen. Gokar drinks a Feral Beastmorph Strength Mutagen whenever possible before fights. This alters his appearance dramatically as he gains strength and fearsome claws and even more fearsome teeth. Depending on what beastmorph power he chooses he also takes on additional bestial properties such as webbed fingers, lengthened snout, larger red eyes, etc. When needed he also calls on his barbarian rage to increase his strength further as well as causing fearsome horns to grow from his skull given him a gore attack as well.
Gokar standard street wear
Nude Gokar on Strength MutagenFeral Beastmorph Mutate (nude) Gokar while ragingRaging


Born in the wild tribal areas of the Ulan as a scrawny, unwanted child to the tribe's witch/alchemist/shaman-type who died when Gokar was a young child. He toiled as a near slave to others in his savage and nomadic tribe. As he grew up he became smarter than many around him and displayed a great instinct for plants and potions. His intelligence was noticed by a traveling merchant alchemist researching unknown plants in the wildlands. The alchemist traded potions and other magic stuff and took Gokar on as an apprentice and body guard and occasional test subject. On a ship returning to the alchemist's home they were ambushed and Gokar's teacher was killed and Gokar was wounded and thrown overboard. He managed to survive and make his way to Prycedown where he's trying to make a living while continuing on his alchemical research work with the goal of becoming stronger than anyone he might face.

Traveled around Ulan and Petera then to Celstia. He was taking jobs in Prycedown to further fund his studies when he responded to a job offer from a Non-Descript Man that led to him meeting Apt, Edi, and Russ and starting a so far profitable series of jobs from the Crone.

Notable Career Kills/Victories

Smashed a Huge Giant Whiptail Centipede into a fine paste. Finally managed to pass the will save and curse save to rip a fiendish harpy apart. Ate the throat out of a shadow mastiff, killing it in a single blow.

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