Marrwyn Collar

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Became the 42nd and current Arch-Warden on the last day of the Period of Gramercy in 1398 FI. While not the youngest Arch-Warden to ever serve, her anointment after the death of Ardrell Mathrew was controversial, due largely to her relative youth and inexperience. She is seen as a brilliant thinker and intellectual, with formidable powers of observation and divination. It is also widely, if quietly, acknowledged that for all her brilliance, she is a somewhat ineffectual leader, due not only to the general skepticism of her inherited Stand, but also her thus-far poor job of navigating the internecine conflicts and politics of the church. Her decision to declare a church Crusade against the kingdom of Odessa has been a widely unpopular one, and has served to further tarnish her reputation and alienate her from her Curia.

A human, born in Erith (the Capital of Flannary) on 4-4 Summercusp 1357 FI, to the patriarch of the House of Collar (KO-lar), the second oldest of four children. A curious and compassionate girl from a young age, she accepted her Divine Ordination at the age of 14, and spent eighteen months under the instruction of Lennria Tarjahar, the Hadriarch of Erith at the time. On the former's recommendation, Marrwyn entered the University of Flannary, where her primary studies focus was on Theologic Divinitry, though she also spent a great deal of time studying Music and Mathematics. She received her Primary Measure in 1376 FI, at the age of 19, and with Lennria's blessing, continued her studies, receiving her Secondary Measure in 1381 FI, at the age of 24. In 1386, at the age of 29, she was declared a Master of Craft.

While in University, she also functioned at times as an aide and clerk to Lennria Tarjahar. After reciving her Master of Craft, Collar spent several years as the assistant to, and chief advisor of, Hadriarch Tarjahar until 1390, when Tarjahar died. Though all expected Arch-Warden Ardrell Mathrew to elevate Collar to the Hadriarchy, he declined to do so. Instead, based largely on decades of positive reports from Tarjahar, Mathrew summoned Collar to Alexandria's City to serve in an advisory position, which she did until 1395, when she was elevated to the Wardenship of WHATEVER WE END UP NAMING THE ORACULAR EPISCOPACY by Mathrew, who by all accounts grew to rely more and more on her judgment in his waning years. Despite their closeness, it was a great shock to all (including Marrwyn, apparently) when the Stone Warden announced her elevation to the Arch-Wardenship. Rumor has it that the announcement was met with great outbursts of anger and dismay, and furthermore, that she has done little since then to win over her Stand in the three years since.

Late in 1401, in response to the Odessan sacking of Wydmoor Free City and The Razing of Alexia, Collar declared a Crusade against the Odessan Empire and threatened excommunication against any cleric, priest, or other ordained figure taking up arms in defense of Odessa or provides ministration to those who do. The controversial decision to declare a Crusade and threats of mass excommunication have fractured the already sensitive fault lines among the Stand as well as the Mainland as a whole, greatly increasing the precariousness of her power and position.