Marrwyn Teldandilion

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Of all the stand, probably none have as storied a life as Marrwyn Teldandilion. Born Princess of the Sidhe, upon being presented with a forced marriage not to her liking, fled her homeland with the assistance of trader Saiyd ibn-Maimun.

Tomboyish and active, she spent the long, idle years of her youth becoming a master of the elven greatsword, as well as cultivating her innate sorcererous abilities. She was a mixed bag of decidedly non-Sidhe traits: hot-headed, impatient, and temperamental, and thus an obvious partner for Sayid in his early travels.

Important Notes for Biography:

  • Early Life & Travels with Sayid (Not much is known)
  • Tragidore and time with the First Stand, through the Division of the Stand
  • Abduction by Elven Agents, Rescue by Sayid, et al.
  • Petaran Civil War
  • Return to the Mainland
  • Alexandria's Crusade
  • Early Church
  • Arch-Wardenship
  • Self-Exile

Game Notes

  • Candace's War Mage
  • Quick tempered, impatient, inattentive.