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Character Stats
Level 12
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin(7)/Templar(5)
Armor Aegis Gildensidhe [magical adamantine breastplate]
Weapon(s) Pyre of Eidolon [magical longsword] and Mayto's Reply [Cold Iron Dwarven War-Axe]
Hometown A Believably Relevant City

MoseToken.PNG Mose is a dwarf. Mose's black beard and thick eyebrows are cut to be as smooth and rounded as possible. Average dwarf height. Average dwarf weight. Mose wears a very valuable (and out-of-place) gold crown on his head-- it is a turtle-themed crown with their shells made of large emeralds.

Mose currently wields the Pyre of Eidolon, a swan-styled flaming longsword. His armor is Aegis Gildensidhe, a breastplate of adamantine, formerly worn by the Blackguard Adrillathellior Teldandilion. His shield is a large shield.

Mose has a fondness for his finely crafted Dwarven Axe, Mayto's Reply, which he keeps nearby to provide a rapid response to tough questions.

Origin Story

Mose was raised in a believably relevant city (4th biggest better than 3rd biggest) where dwarves have a big community. He was the son of a wealthy merchant who had fallen on hard times and was at danger of losing his properties. Mose began doing odd adventuring jobs for the local church/chapel/whatever. One evening, that place was overrun by organized crime members who had taken the priest's daughter hostage because the father owed them a great deal of money from gambling debts. Mose fought them off and rescued the daughter, but was run out of town by the organized crime group who threatened to ruin his father if he did not leave. The priest, in repayment, sent word to the Travelers about Mose's deeds. The letter of recommendation and the appropriate tests led Mose into a Paladinship. The dagger hilt that Mose keeps with him comes from one of his first battles as a Paladin that was particularly harrowing. Mose is not particular fond of the organized crime group that made him relocate, but doesn't particularly hold much malice in his heart towards them as he sees that they set him upon his current destiny to conquer evil elsewhere.

SPOILER ALERT! : Mose's Character Sheet (Pathfinder)

Mose's Mount, Way

Mose's Paladin celestial animal mount is named  WayToken.PNG Way and looks like this:


A heavy warhorse that looks very muscular and rugged. It has a white (almost star-like) spot on its forehead, but otherwise its coat is a nearly-black blue mixed with solid black. Its mane matches strikingly with the color, length, and texture of Mose's beard. While the horse walks slowly, you glimpse a faint path, a near-hallucination in your peripheral vision, extending ahead and behind as if to show where he has been and where he may travel. The faint path disappears whenever your eyes look away from the horse, but its presence is not disturbing-- in fact it leaves you with an impression of purpose and motivation.

Adventuring Career


Full Portrait