Silverwalkers Quest Notes 2012-01-07

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D&D Silverwalkers: More Temporary Quest Notes

Silverwalker XP Tracking:

23 Verdant 1401 FI

This game

  • Germain talked to Naprid
    • Pissed about refugees coming into the city
    • Geese are training them
    • He said: Bank got robbed, Edrell was the mole
    • Pitched plan to make the Guild the fallguys for this
    • Egg had an idea, too
      • To make Egg the eschequer
      • Egg is the new Magus
    • Sounded ok
  • We're going to teleport to
  • Item Found
    • 6 potions of cure moderate wounds
    • 100 ft of silk rope of climbing
    • Ring of the Mule, +2 Str for encumbrance
    • Wand of Protection from Law - 17 Charges
    • 2x Golem-bane Scarab, Flesh-and-Clay golems
    • 2x Golem-bane Scarab, All golems
  • For Act II, Next 3 years
    • 1 Hero Point for everyone!
  • LE sneaks into the bank
    • She's invis.
    • She finds her safety deposit box
    • She casts Arcane Mark and gets 500 xp for opening the box
    • She finds new secret artifacts for her, including a darkwood staff.
  • We rest. Day ends.
  • Egg stays at home
  • We teleport into Cebridon, neighborhood called "Puddles"
  • We make our way to Kaine's estate
  • Germain, Mar, and Al as a dog go in
  • They find a spot where the sister might be
  • Guard suspects them
  • Al as Dog bites him! Trips him!
  • Mar kills him with her spiked chain.
  • Day ends.
  • New day at a keep we discussed the trip.
  • Spellcasters remember:
    • Resist Energy x 7
    • Protection from Energy x7