Sovereigns of the Mainland

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  • Odessa
    • King (Prince-Regent) Aden Coriander III
    • Ruling in the name of Queen Eloise III, taken by madness.
    • with the support and consent of the Landed Council
  • Flannery
    • Queen Maryse Veromii
  • Celstia
    • King (Overchief) Edrahign Wysee II
  • Ubretkt
    • King Luthor Megual
    • with the support and consent of the Ubrekti Senate
  • Gildenhome
    • Archthane Keldon Mythral Usrian
  • Fresia
    • Emperor Frantis Leturnal
  • Alexia
    • Local Rule
  • Hakan
    • Speaker for the Gnomes (gnomish title taken as name)
    • as selected by the Paggebedalon
  • Petaran Empire
    • Emperor Ayberk Ata IV
    • Child Emperor