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This article should probably be brought into line, formatting wise, with other national entires. -gm

I don't know much about Alexia, other than that it is a de facto client-state of Odessa, and that it is famed for its pikemen.-Slitherrr 13:13, 24 September 2009 (EDT)

Alexia is a sort of a Mediterranean (Italian/Greek) stand in. Very decentralized and disorganized, heavily urban, and historically plagued by a good deal of infighting. Very religious and pious, even in pre-alexandrian times. Basically controlled by a council made up of representatives selected by the various cities, who then choose a Doge from among their number on a regular basis. With some significant exceptions, has generally been a weak state. -gm
That sounds a lot like Fresia. Whats the diff between the two? Fresia is more rural? Or less religious? -Some Twatwaffle Who Doesn't Sign His Shit
Well, a couple of key differences. Climate: Fresia is hilly and wooded, Alexia is more open. Politically they seem the same on the surface, but the major difference is that Fresia is ruled by an Emperor selected by Noble Electors. Alexia has no nobility, so everyone in a position of power is elected. The Cities, rather than noble familes, then are the primary political engine in Alexia, so it is basically a very urbanized west and a mostly depopulated east. (The Desertification of the Valley of Dust being the general cause of the refugee problems of the past couple generations) -gm
Ha ha, Matt, he called you a twatwaffle. -Slitherrr 18:13, 25 September 2009 (EDT)
Pfft! Hardly the worst thing he's called me! --Twatwaffle

Any words on what languages are spoken here? Is there an Alexian language? -Slitherrr

I'd say "Alexian" is probably a patois of Odessan and Ubrekti, and someone speaking either or both should do fine there. It's kind of a mongrel nation. -gm