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This is how you do a character arc. Make your characters change over time people. Augh! -gm


    • DING +1 PROF**

What's his alignment? Do I know yet? --Msallen

Actually, I think I remember you said CN --Msallen
Yup. Chaotic Neutral it is, I believe. -gm
Welcome to team shady--hopefully we can keep in LE's good graces with our lax morals and she'll eat our souls last. I'm not sure why all YOUR games end up with PC conflict and force me to act against my own allies, but when the inevitable happens this time around I'll assume it was all your fault ;) --Msallen
Yes, the fact that the soul of humanity is conflict is my fault. -gm
I was setting you up for a comment about how the common denominator in all the conflicts is me (pactrik vs. joseph, sayid vs. sterros, dweezil vs. everyone) --Msallen
I think it's more effective having you out yourself. >:) -gm
B-B-B-BUSTED -Slitherrr

I LOVE HIM! --Msallen

Glad you like him. He doesn't exactly fit any of those three archtypes, but it borrows something from all of them and adds some things that I think are ultimately more helpful to the party proper. Probably closest to Watson, in that he's highly educated and specialized, although he's ultimately probably just as shady as germain and much more reckless (with a 14 Wisdom compared to his sidekick's 8 and his propensity for running party discussions like committee meetings, I'd say Germain is actually not too prone to recklessness and is pretty conservative at heart, at least tactically/strategically. That he throws himself in danger - with, for example, the shield - strikes me as much more Calculated Risk than Recklessness.). He actually has a similar background and features to DD in many of ways, although that wasn't exactly my intent. Also most like Watson in that he is a great candidate for Loremaster (probably even one level early, thanks to Prodigy feat). -gm
Ah, can't make it because of the feats. Which is good, because Loremaster actually kind of blows. -gm
Loremaster really blows. Seriously, it's goddam awful - especially considering the reqs for it.
Its kind of a shit class, but it has good flavor and it sort of lets you remain a caster while building up greater skill-monkey stats --Msallen
Yeah, definitely more reckless, and probably more illicit, than Geramin. But like we've said a few times, Germ really ended up a pretty cautious type of guy, which makes sense since he probably obsesses too much to act quickly. In any case, I think Egg'll be a great sidekick that augments a number of skills that germ cares about, and also fills in some gaps in his expertise. Also more unique personality than any of the suggestions I made. Love it! --Msallen
I expect his alignment might even be CN, though not trending toward the insane side of it. -gm

How old is he now? Germain's age (like, mid-20s?) --Msallen

Yeah, probably so. Maybe even a bit younger, early twenties?
Also - going with your NCIS metaphor, I guess Edrell is pretty much like that boss guy (crazy smart, and kind of a semi-charming a-hole.) I guess that makes Egg your goth computer chick. Fuck you for making me watch an episode of NCIS and put this all together. I have to say, I've become smitten by the asshole boss' style. -gm
Not surprisingly, he reminds me of my Dad. Right down to his occasional use of the phrase "grab ass," which I've never really heard from anyone else. Germain is the DiNozzo of the show --Msallen