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Just FYI, the power level of this is probably somewhere between the level -3 companions and the level -6 companions, meaning it'll be a few levels before the Ghost Elk will count for Animal Companion bonuses. -Slitherrr

What? It's a straight up animal companion. Or are you talking about the Dire Elk that's hidden down here?
The REGULAR elk is roughly at the power of a warhorse, which has more HD and hits harder than any of the regular Animal Companions (level - 0), and a little less than the level - 3 ones. The Ghost Elk has better hit dice, better attack, counts as magical weapons for DR, so probably counts right at level - 3, or slightly above (hence, between level - 3 and level - 6). The Dire Elk is nothing less than a level - 9--compare it with the Polar Bear, which has four less HD and a lower attack bonus without slam in exchange for improved grab. -Slitherrr
Looking harder at the abilities of the -3's, the Ghost Elk is probably closer to being right there with, rather than being slightly above. It doesn't have Pounce or Ferocity, but it's got Fighter progression on BaB and HP, and the magical-weapon-equivalent natural weapon thing. -Slitherrr
Well, since I threw a lot of that stuff (ex: magical weapon equiv thing - after all, it's ONLY the weakest attack, not all the attacks) in as flavor, we'll call it (level - 2) which *just so happens* to be the exact level Anise needs to be. Isn't it lucky she waited all this time? -gm
Should be fine. Fighter BaB and HP take a while to make a big difference, so it's probably close enough, and it has the added benefit of making her AC accounting "how many levels divided by two has Anise passed 6?" -Slitherrr