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Hey! What level are you likely to be when you get your cohort? Are you going to get the free level upon your next ding? -gm

That's probably the best idea. I meant to take it last level, but I forgot in all the confusion, and it'll be best not to wait, since the longer I wait, the more XP I jump ahead of the party. -Slitherrr
True, but the tables penalize pretty heavily once you're AVG+2 or beyond, and they'll catch up faster than you realize.
That's good, then. Count on level 9 at cohort. Heh... The cohort will be the same level as Anise, at least for a little while. -Slitherrr

The consensus is that this dude is 20% crazy, 78% awesome, and 2% mechanically separated chicken. --Msallen 16:08, 19 September 2009 (EDT)