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We've been more-or-less treating it as such, but should we basically say that the detect magic ability (up to the "round one" effects) is an always-on ability whenever there's nothing crazy going on, and per day whenever it's a time-sensitive situation (we need to know if that thing is magical RIGHT NOW)? -Slitherrr

As an example, Thed won't necessarily see that the goblin's axe is magical when he's fighting the dude unless he concentrates and uses a charge, but will see it plainly once the battle is over and we're all calmed down a bit? -Slitherrr
It's pretty much like the spell, which requires concentration over time. All that is missing is that there is no need for the "casting" component, only the concentration.

So, Gnomes don't commit generally "murder," but that doesn't mean gnomes don't accidentally kill one another from time to time, since despite their overall sense of ethnic unity, they are world class quarrellers and brawlers. Even still, deaths are rare as an honest human and generally only happen during total and large scale breakdowns of the peace: riots, etc.