The Lost

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A race of people who played a pivotal role in Alexandria's Crusade. They are never physically described in any of the testimonials, and if any images of them were produced in their short association with the mainland, they were among the great cache of knowledge lost during or shortly after Alexandria's Crusade. Skilled sailors, fearless warriors, and disciplined thinkers, according to Canon, a great many of the Lost fought without weapons, a talent Alexandria learned from them in her decade spent among them. References to what exact role they played in the conclusion of the Prophet's War and Alexandria's Crusade are conspicuously scant in the Canon, although the Testimonial of Dadtim suggests that they arrived in force.

(Translated, poorly, from the original Gilden)

When I first saw the first black-sailed masts appear over the horizon, I was filled with hope. My friend (ed: Alexandria) was coming home! Soon enough, though, I felt that familiar sense of evaporation. A few masts became many, and then there were so black sails filled the sea, and the waters so blue and still, that the sight resembled nothing so much as a murder of crows in flight.

I was no longer hopeful. I was terrified.

- The Testimonial of Dadtim