The Professor

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Many years ago, a gnomish child was kidnapped and taken back to the Scar, where she was subjected to all sorts of cruelties and injuries. She grew insane in her torment before finally learning of her innate magical abilities, upon which time she lashed out and killed the entire tribe, save for a single Kobold baby, which inflamed her sympathies because of her own background. She stayed in the Scarlands, raising the Kobold as her own, until it grew up into a creature as miserable and insane as his dear old mother, whose teeth he wears as a necklace. Brilliant, powerful, and sadistic, The Professor was the perfect creature for the job of teaching dozens of freed kobolds the adept's art.

He was in possession of a monocle that gave bonuses to skills that were both cross-class to him.

CR: 6 (6th Level Sorc)