Thurmin Vustor

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Character Stats
Thurmin vustor.png
Level 3
Race Human
Class Inquistor
Armor Breastplate
Weapon(s) Morning Star
Hometown Someplace, Ubrekt

Thurmin is a human Inquistor for the Church. Always questioning, always seeking the truth and understanding, no matter where it leads.


A tall man with blond hair and piercing blue eyes, wearing a breastplate and carrying a morning star. He is often fidegty, handling his religious symbol.

Recent Travels

Has traveled far in the service of the church. The unrest of the Bloody Thirty-Nine has drawn him, and the quest for truth leads to journey into the plague lands...


Notable Career Kills/Victories

Thus far, Thurmin has not been noted for his skill in combat.

SPOILER Thurmin Vustor's Character Sheet SPOILER