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Wild Gnomes are not so different from their Hakani cousins in many ways. If anything, they are even more zealously freedom loving, eshewing the comforts of urbanity to make their living among the hard wastes. Though they live in Gildenhome, most would consider their home simply to be "The Scar." They speak Gnomish, although a unique dialect, and maintain Gnomish traditions and customs, adapted for wilderness life. They wander in small, semi-nomadic bands of - at most - a dozen families. Hakani Gnomes look at their wild cousins with a mixture of bemusement and confusion. Gnomish cultural solidarity pretty much keeps Hakani Gnomes from outright disdaining the Grathel'feggn, but they certainly do not understand why they insist on fighting out a meager existence in the wastes when the restored homeland is always open to them.

Leaders of many of the larger bands of the Grathel'feggn are officially granted several representatives Paggebedalon, the Gnomish parliament, but only in time of great crisis do they make the trip. Their votes are held and used "in trust" by the Speaker for the Gnomes, one of the several "in trust blocs" that wield great authority in the Paggebedalon.

As Wild Gnomes have lived within the brutal Scarlands for many thousands of years, their culture and physiology differs enormously from their more refined cousins. Which group is closer to the Gnomes of Old Hakan is a subject of intense and sometimes pugilistic debate among Gnomish sages.

Game Information

Wild Gnomes are not tinkers or people of the city. The Scarlands are a brutal and unforgiving expanse, filled with hostile creatures and servitors, and the Wild Gnomes have adapted to their adopted homeland. These are not badger chatting forest dwellers, or mound living illusionists, either, but they share some of the wilderness characteristics of PHB Gnomes.

Wild Gnomes are generated identically to "by the book" Gnomes, with the following exceptions:

  • Survivalist
+2 to survival checks, and survival is always a class skill for you. This replaces obsessive. (Wild Gnome)
  • Trackless
Pass Without Trace 1/day. The caster level for these effects is equal to the gnome's level. The DC for these spells is equal to 11 + the gnome's Charisma modifier. This replaces Gnomish Magic. (Wild Gnome)