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Trust in clan, coin, and self.

Name: Clanlands of the Gildenthane
Adjective Form: Gilden

Government: Gildenhome is officially a tight-knit confederation of Dwarven clans, but has de facto been ruled by the Usrian dynasty and allies since the days of the Prophets' War. It is currently ruled by Archthane Keldon Mythral Usrian.

The People: Gildenhome is made up primarily of Dwarves, with a significant minority of Gnomes and a small mix of the other races, mostly concentrated in urban areas. It is universally considered the Dwarven homeland, and all dwarves are accepted regardless of birth or background.

History: The Clanlands of the Gildenthane have never, in all of recorded history, bent or broken. Its history dates back to before written records, and for that entire time, excepting the height of the Ubrekti Empire, it has been respected as the preeminent military force on the mainland. Few significant events in recorded history have occurred without some form of Dwarven involvement, and Dwarven tactical and military might was critical to Alexandria's success in both the Prophets' War and Alexandria's Crusade, as well as the inception of the Alexandrian Church. The core boundries of Gildenhome have remained largely fixed, with three significant exceptions: (1) The annexing of significant portions of Hakan (Human Kingdom) after the collapse of its government in 149 BI, (2) the forfeiture of that land, by Alexandria's decree, to create Hakan in 19 BI, and the surrender of the Golden Peninsula to the Temporal Authority of the Arch-Warden in 3 FI. While Humans may see themselves as the dominant political force on the mainland, little in history has been accomplished without the acquiescence of the Dwarven clans.

Economy: Gildenhome is blessed with an embarrassment of mineral riches, and Dwarven Oak is peerless for its durability. Dwarven gold and silver find their way into every part of the world's economy, and many of the Dwarven clans operate lucrative houses of finance and usuary. Additionally, Dwarven crafts of all types are jealously sought throughout the mainland, as are Dwarven masons and engineers.

Gilden of Note

Dadtim the Elder

Ardrell Mathrew

Odriss Rockheart

Thoq Riqtello

Thardar Speaker

Hedran Riqtelo

Teldar Stoneweld

Habitations in Gildenhome


Port Turin