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Note: Achievements are earned by players, not characters, therefore one can earn achievements while acting as a substitute. Additionally, as cohorts are mechanically part of the character, achievement-worthy actions taken by cohorts will also trigger achievements for the player.

Player Achievements

Key:MeFight Team Alpha,Wydmoor All-Stars,The GM, Arabelle Adventurers, Mefighter beta team, Mattsters of the Mattiverse, Mefighter gamma team, Team NPC,

Sadist Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
This is Bat Country Kill a dire or enlarged bat Approved! 25xp Bartley
Don't Feed the Troll Kill a troll that has given you bite damage Approved! 25xp Bartley Bartley, MSAllen, slitherrr
Friendly Fire Damage 3 or more allies with a thrown splash weapon attack Approved! 30xp Bartley
-6 Feet Tall Kill a dwarf. Yes 5 xp Mattie Slitherrr, Feantari, TooMuchPete, Kimberley, Pokeylope, Xorry
Dead Ugly Deliver the killing blow to an ogre. Yes 15xp Mattie Feantari, nubs,Bartley, Mattie, MSAllen
Dr. Spock's Backup Band Kill a group of at least five giants. Yes 20xp Matt Jones Daniel, Mattie, Sarah, Brandy, Travis, Eric
Elementary, My Dear Watson Destroy an elemental of all four basic elemental types (fire, water, air, earth). Yes 40xp Matt Jones Sarah, Daniel, Helen, Matt A, Slitherrr, Feantari, TooMuchPete, Kimberley, Xorry, Pokeylope
FN-2199 Intentionally cause the demise of a PC Sleepless nights Matt Jones Slitherrr
Gets the Job Done Defeat an enemy with an improvised weapon. Love It! 50xp Slitherrr
Gnome News is Good News Kill a gnome. Yes 5xp Mattie Slitherrr, Feantari, TooMuchPete
Haters Gonna Hate Kill 50 of your favored enemy. Yes 50 xp Slitherrr Feantari
Hey, Over Here! Kill an opponent while they have total concealment relative to you from total darkness or your blindness. Yes 5xp Mattie Xorry
Hitman Have a cohort or follower kill a member of the Goodly Races without you being present. Sure! 5xp Slitherrr
Homicide Kill a human. Yes 5 xp Mattie Mattie, Travis, Daniel, Sarah, Helen, Matt A, Bartley, Slitherrr, Feantari, Pokeylope, ToomuchPete, Kimberley, Xorry
Morituri te Salutamus Defeat a creature or NPC at least equal to your level in single combat. Yes 10% bonus Matt Jones Slitherrr, Feantari, Mattie, Bartley
Ninjastic Kill an enemy without them ever knowing you were there. Yes 15xp Mattie, Sarah Mattie
No Orc Left Untouched Kill 20 orcs. Yes 20 xp Mattie Travis, Sarah, Matt A, Helen, Mattie, Daniel
Nothling Kill a halfling. Yes 5 xp Mattie Mattie, Travis, Daniel, Sarah, Helen, Matt A
Regicide Kill a king, queen, princess, or prince. Yes 250xp Matt Jones Mattie, Travis, Daniel, Sarah, Eric, Brandy
Two Birds Kill exactly two enemies with the same spell or attack roll. Yes 20xp Mattie TooMuchPete, Kimberley, Slitherrr, Travis
Whack-a-Mole Knock the same enemy into negatives three times in the same battle. Love It! 65xp Slitherrr
Dragonslayer Kill a Dragon Yes 1000 xp Matt Jones Mattie, Travis, Daniel, Sarah, Brandy, Eric
We stole their mascot! Kill the Wa giants' dragon Yes 500 xp Matt Jones Mattie, Travis, Daniel, Sarah, Brandy, Eric
See no Evil Spend an entire combat invisible, from init to end of bullet time Yes 25xp Sarah TooMuchPete, Mattie
Ra-Ra-Rasputin Injure, but do not kill, an ally using at least 3 different damage sources. Yes 25xp Kim Sarah
Damn the Torpedos Sink a ship. Yes 50xp Eric
Slaughter is the best medicine Kill 20 enemies with one spell (swarms only count as one enemy for this purpose) Yes 100 xp Travis Kimberley
Not to put too fine a point on it Kill an enemy using a piercing weapon Yes 5 xp Travis Slitherrr, Xorry, Feantari, Mattie, Bartley
Legend of Zelda Defeat an enemy with a wooden sword Yes 50 xp Eric
Inconceivable! Defeat a giant, a wizard, and a swordsman in the same battle Yes 100 xp Eric
Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire Do over 60 hp of damage to a single target with a Fireball spell Yes 40xp Eric Sarah
Mind Bleeding Reduce a creature's Wisdom or Intelligence attribute to 3 or less. Yes 50xp Travis
Drunken Master Deal a critical hit with an improvised weapon Yes 100xp Eric/Matt Jones

Masochist Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
I Warned You About Pits Bro fall in the same pit twice in one encounter Approved! 15xp Bartley
1-800-222-1222 Suffer the ill effects of poison on two different occasions in the same game session Yes 25xp Matt Jones Matt A
Acid Trip Suffer 20 points of acid damage from a single attack Yes 40xp. Matt Jones
Brinksmanship Recover from -9 hit points. Yes 100xp Matt Jones Slitherrr, Bartley, Matt A
Cat Napper Be rendered involuntarily unconscious twice in a single session. Yes 50xp Mattie
Char Broiled Suffer 35 points of fire damage in a single round. Yes 20 xp Matt Jones Slitherrr, TooMuchPete
Holy Antibodies Resist disease using Paladin's immunity to disease, or have a magical disease cured on yourself by another. Yes 5 xp Mattie Mattie, Travis, Daniel, Slitherrr
Insomnia Go a two weeks without a full night's rest. Yes 140xp Matt Jones
Iron Stomach Survive eating something not meant to be eaten. Yes 15 xp Slitherrr Travis, xorry
Jacket Weather Suffer 35 points of cold damage in a single round. Yes 20 xp Matt Jones Brandy, Eric, Sarah
Lightning Rod Suffer 25 points of lightning damage from a single attack. Yes 50xp. Matt Jones Xorry, Slitherrr, Feantari, Kimberley, TooMuchPete, Pokeylope, Mattie, Travis, Daniel, Sarah, Helen, Matt A
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers... Suffer having one's soul entrapped in an object (such as through the Soul Bind spell, or a similar effect) This one makes me happy, but I can't say why. 50xp Slitherrr
Pincushion Suffer damage from five or more arrows in a single encounter. Sure! Germain ought to get this one soon. 15xp Slitherrr Matt A, Bartley, Slitherrr
Saddle Sores Spend three months of a journey on horseback Yes TBD Slitherrr
Titanic Go to zero or less HP with at least 250 maximum hitpoints Approved! 50 xp Eric
These Go to -11 Die. Yes Condolences Matt Jones Jason, Feantari, Mattie
Under The Table Win a drinking contest. Yes 10xp Mattie
Brains! Die from a zombie or fast zombie attack. Yes Condolences Eric
Red-shirted Ensign Have your character killed in his/her first session. Yes +1 Character Point on Reroll Eric
I Wasn't Even Supposed to Be Here Today Have a character you are regenting drop to 0 or lower hp Yes 50xp (and exemption from regenting duties) Eric
Take a Fall Play dead or injured to avoid continuing a battle Yes 50xp Eric Slitherrr

Charity Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
Animal Shelter Save a group of five or more animals at one time. Yes 100xp Mattie
Bartender Create 3 magical potions for three different players Yes 30xp Mattie Helen, Slitherrr, Bartley
Charity Begins at Home Give away a magic item worth at least 3,500 gp (to a non-PC). Yes 35xp Matt Jones TooMuchPete, Feantari, Slitherrr, Pokeylope
Family First Rescue a close family member from dire circumstance or immediate danger. Yes 50 xp Slitherrr
Holier Than Thou Tithe to a church at least once a month for an entire in game year. Yes 120xp Mattie
Mistaken for Deer Unintentionally inflict damage upon a teammate with something other than an area affect spell Yes 5 xp Daniel E TooMuchPete, Xorry, Bartley (regenting for Xorry)
Pity Party Subdue, but do not kill, all of your opponents in a single encounter against more than one adversary. Yes 25xp Mattie Mattie, Helen, Sarah, Daniel, Travis, Matt A
With Friends Like These Damage an ally into unconsciousness. Yes 35 xp Matt Jones Bartley
Homeopathy Fail a heal skill check by 5 or more. Yes 10 xp Travis

Felicity Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost Be the only PC in the party not affected by a fear effect from undead creature(s) in an encounter Approved! 150xp Bartley
Bastard! Get the last hit on a bloodied enemy to which you have otherwise dealt no damage. APPROVED! 25xp Slitherrr Daniel, Eric, Travis, Slitherrr, Bartley, Mattie
Clean Up on Aisle 3 Do maximum damage with a critical hit. Yes 10 xp Matt Jones Daniel, Bartley, Slitherrr, Mattie
Easy Come, Easy Go Suffer the loss, disenchantment, or destruction of a magic item worth at least 1500 gold. Yes 150 xp Matt Jones Daniel, Sarah, Mattie
Financial Ruin Lose all your worldly possessions. Yes 30xp Mattie
IMPOTENT RAGE Enter a rage that results in no hits in melee. Yes 25 xp Slitherrr Bartley
Learning To Fly Suffer maximum-dice falling damage. Yes 35 xp Matt Jones
Near Miss Make a successful reflex save against and take no damage from a trap that damages two or more other allies. Yes TBD Slitherrr
Overachiever, and proud of it. Succeed at five or more rolls against your worst stat in one session. Yes 50 xp Travis
Time for Plan B Construct an elaborate course of action, plan, or trap which catastrophically fails due to a botched roll Yes 25 xp Daniel E Travis
Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Do something very unwise and live to tell about it by rolling a perfect 20 on a saving throw Yes 150xp Eric

Social Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
Charades Successfully communicate a message with the bluff (innuendo) check. Yes 5xp Mattie Matt A, Slitherrr, Mattie
Convert the Heathen Get someone to worship something they originally were at best indifferent about. Yes 50xp Travis Travis
Heroic Internship Acquire a human or humanoid follower for at least three game sessions. Yes 25 xp Matt Jones Slitherrr, Matt A
Ice To An Eskimo Diplomacy check your way from a hostile to friendly reaction level from an NPC. Yes 45 xp Matt Jones
Interpreter Be the only person in the party who can communicate with a group during a role playing encounter Yes 25 xp Slitherrr Travis, Daniel, Eric, Brandy, Slitherrr, Mattie
Papers, Please? Obtain a license, writ, citation, or diploma. Yes 15 xp Matt Jones Mattie, Sarah, Brandy, Travis, Daniel
Renowned Gain 10 character levels. Sure! Other characters gain a +2 on knowledge checks to recall the character's identity Slitherrr Sarah, Daniel, Helen, Mattie, Travis, Matt A, Slitherrr
Legendary Gain 15 character levels. Sure! Other characters gain a +4 on knowledge checks to recall the character's identity Slitherrr
Epic Gain 20 character levels. Approval The character's name, standards, and reputation - though not necessarily appearance - is known by any Mainland inhabitant Slitherrr
That's What Your Wife Said Unintentionally provoke an NPC to a negative reaction through poor role-playing or a botched roll Yes 10 xp Daniel E Daniel
Would You Like Syphilis With That? Engage in sexual relations, in-game Yes 50 xp Daniel E Helen, Sarah
Laugh it Up Fuzzball Get an NPC with fur who can't speak your language to laugh at you Yes 25xp Eric
Clean Me Up Scotty Take a bath in a "fine" or better establishment Yes 5 xp Travis
Element of Truth Have an elemental intimidate an NPC into revealing some secret Yes 5 xp Travis
Courtesy Cleric A cleric successfully uses diplomacy Approved! 50xp Travis n/a

Skulduggery Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go Spend at least 20 minutes creating a disguise that is never used, or is used improperly Yes 5 xp Slitherrr
Chime and Punishment Ring a church bell without authorization, and suffer some consequence Yes 5 xp Slitherrr
D&D B&E Take at least 1000 gold pieces worth of items from someone's house. Yes 50xp Matt Jones Sarah, Daniel
Like the Wind Stand within thirty feet of at least ten hostiles at once without alerting any of them. Yes 100xp Slitherrr
Oof! Be run into while invisible. Hahaha I like it 20xp Slitherrr Mattie
Prison Break Escape from a dungeon, jail, prison, stockade, or similar pickle. Yes 25 xp Slitherrr Sarah, Daniel, Matt A
Thiefdom Pickpocket or steal two things in a single game session without being noticed/caught. Yes 10xp Mattie
"What was that?" Be heard by an NPC while sneaking, without being subsequently discovered Yes 25xp Slitherrr
The Wire Spy on someone remotely Yes 25 xp Travis Travis, Mattie, Sarah, Brandy, Daniel
PUMP (clap) YOU UP Have a least ten buffs/modifiers on your character at once. Approved! 10xp Silverwalkers Silverwalkers, Slitherrr, TooMuchPete, xorry, Feantari, Kimberley, Pokeylope
Frankenhulked Have a least twenty buffs/modifiers on your character at once. Approved! 20xp Silverwalkers Silverwalkers
These Are Not the Droids You Are Looking For Completely avoid a battle by using an illusion, charm, or mind control spell Yes 50xp Eric

Other In Character Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
Channel with Poor Reception Heal at least 2 enemies with a channel energy Approved! 40xp Bartley MSAllen
One Pill Makes You Larger and One Pill Makes You Small In one session be subject to both enlarge and reduce effects Approved! 30xp Bartley
American Express Charge 5 enemies in a single session. Yes 10 xp Mattie Travis
Civic Pride Become a government official Yes 250xp Matt Jones
Collecting Cobwebs Neglect the use of an ability for an entire level Yes 5 xp Daniel E TooMuchPete, Xorry, Feantari, Slitherrr, Sarah, Travis, Brandy
Could be Handy, Someday Use a character trait or non-typical skill (e.g. basket weaving) in a way that significantly helps the party Yes 10xp Daniel E Daniel
Cunning Linguist Learn 12 Languages APPROVED 240xp Slitherrr absalom, Slitherrr
Customs Tax Be forced to leave behind an item of value during a border crossing I've been meaning to incorporate the issue of Passports!! >:) 10xp Slitherrr
Pilgrim's Progress Visit every Alexandrian Nation. Approved +2 to all Religion Knowledge checks, and you may roll Knowledge Religion untrained. Matt Jones
Follower of Twoflower Visit three almanack regions in game (backstory does not count). Approved 150 xp Slitherrr Mattie, Matt A, Sarah, Travis, Helen, Daniel, Brandy, MSAllen, Mattie, Slitherrr, Bartley
Disciple of Twoflower Visit six different almanack regions in game. Approved 300 xp Slitherrr Sarah, Daniel, Mattie, Helen, Travis
Master Tourist Visit all 13 almanack regions in game. Approved +2 to all Local Knowledge checks, and you may roll Knowledge Local untrained. Slitherrr
Don't Be a Hater Go from the moment you receive one favored enemy bonus to the moment you receive another without killing an enemy of the former type. Yes TBD Slitherrr
Drizzt Do'What Now? Enter the Underdark. Yes 100 XP Matt Jones Silverwalkers
FCC Intervention Use a silencing effect to interrupt an enemy in the middle of spellcasting Yes TBD Slitherrr
Hearts and Crafts Create a magical item worth at least 500 gold pieces Yes 50xp Matt Jones Helen, Slitherrr
Holly, Eleven Inches, Phoenix Feather Craft a wand. Yes 50xp Matt Jones
In Plane Sight Visit each of the four elemental planes (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) Good luck with THIS one. Heh. Achievement: Impossible! 1000xp Slitherrr  !
Jossed Through carelessness, neglect, or general ill-will, allow an NPC with major storyline significance to die. Yes -25 xp Slitherrr Sarah
Leave No Bone Unturned Turn 5+ skeletons in a single turn attempt Yes 15 xp Mattie MSAllen
Line Leader Get top initiative roll in three consecutive combats. Yes 20 xp Mattie Travis,TooMuchPete
Lumberjackal Chop down 10 trees. Yes 30xp Mattie
Midlife Crisis Spend at least 100,000 gp on the creation of a new magical item Sure! good luck on this one, too 5xp Slitherrr
Midwife Crisis Save a baby from imminent harm Yes 50 xp Matt Jones
Miser Accumulate at least 50,000 gp in coins. Approved 100 xp Slitherrr
Odessan Dream Buy a house. Yes 200 xp Mattie
Prestigious Gain a level in a prestige class. For sure! (Retroactive!) 3xp Slitherrr Matt A, Sarah, Mattie, Helen, Slitherrr, TooMuchPete, Feantari, Xorry
Prestigious Maximus Gain all possible levels of a prestige class APPROVED! The character may choose a second core class that he or she considers preferred. Mattie (Mattie)
Ratachat Chat Talk to a rodent for more than fifteen minutes. Yes 25xp Mattie Travis
Run & Hide Successfully escape from a creature with hit dice equal to twice your level. Yes 5% of creature Matt Jones Matt A
Scrooge McDuck Accumulate at least 250,000 gp in coins, gems, and artworks. Sure! (Good Luck!) 250xp Slitherrr
Soothe the Savage Befriend a group of four or more animals that would normally try to kill you or your party. Yes 40xp Mattie Travis
Tapped Out Use your entire daily allotment of spells in a single encounter. Yes 50xp Matt Jones Zealeus, Feantari, Helen, Mattie, Slitherrr, Bartley
These Are Not The Druids You Are Looking For. Charm a humanoid enemy. Yes 15xp Mattie Sarah, Daniel
UU Counter a spell. Yes 25 xp Matt Jones
Wealth Redistribution Rich become less rich, poor become less poor. All for everyone's own good. Yes 25xp Travis
See the Constellation Navigate a distance of over 100 miles using only the stars Yes 5 xp Travis
Beam Me Up Scotty Teleport or dimension door out of certain death Yes 50xp Eric Brandy, Daniel
Demonic Butler Summon a Demon using a Gate or Planar Binding spell Yes 500 xp Travis Mattie
Destroy the Shield Generator Dispel an enemy Abjuration of 4th level or greater Yes 50xp Eric
Impregnable End the round with an Armor Class of 35 or greater Yes 35 xp Eric Travis, Eric
Talk to the Hand Use a Bigsby's spell (or non-copyright-encumbered equivalent) to interrupt an enemy's Spellcasting Yes 50 xp Eric
Druish Princess Meet a female druid Yes 5 xp Travis Bartley, Slitherrr
Headache Spend over 100 psp in a single encounter Yes 25 xp Eric Brandy
Just Keep Swimming Make 5 consecutive swim checks Yes 15xp Eric

In-Game, Out of Character Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
Actors Anonymous Win role-playing award two games in a row. Yes 200xp Mattie Travis
I'd Like a Dozen Munchkins Instruct a party member on how to better use or increase a stat, skill, or ability without their disapproval Yes 5 xp Daniel E Slitherrr, Matt A
Perfect Attendence Witness the absence of every other player from at least one game, without missing a game yourself. Yes 250xp Matt Jones Xorry, Mattie
Pun Hit Wonder Make a particularly good/terrible pun. Yes 10xp Mattie Travis, Sarah, Daniel, Feantari, TooMuchPete, Slitherrr, xorry
The Guard Said WHAT Make more than 5 typos in a row where you say something in character that you should have said OOC. Yes Embarrassment Matt Allen Matt Jones
The Student Has Become the Dungeon Master Run a game with detarame as a player. APPROVED! Personal Sense of Satisfaction Detarame Mattie Kim
Trivial Pursuit Spend at least two game sessions chasing after an enemy that the GM had never planned to have any storyline relevance. Sure! 10xp Slitherrr
It's Comcastic! Have your game called off due to technical issues. Yes 50 xp Matt Jones Eric, Daniel, Mattie, Sarah, Travis, Brandy
Grumpy Matt Annoy the DM Yes Personal Satisfaction Travis Daniel, Travis, Brandy, Sarah, Slitherrr
Suck it Trebeck Stump the DM on a historical backstory aspect of the game Yes 250xp Eric

Wiki Achievements

Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
History Will Judge Use game notes or wiki text to remind the GM of something forgotten Yes 25xp Mattie Slitherrr, Feantari, Matt A, Mattie, Daniel
Stubdown Create 10 stub articles. Yes 50 xp Matt Jones Matt A,Slitherrr, Feantari, Mattie
Rub a Stub Stub Create 30 stub articles. Yes 100 xp Matt Jones Matt A,Slitherrr, Mattie
StubHub Create 60 stub articles. Yes 200 xp Matt Jones Mattie,Slitherrr
Underachiever Have 5 achievements approved. Yes 50 xp Matt Jones Mattie, Travis, Slitherrr, Bartley
Overachievement Have 30 achievements approved by the GM. Yes 100xp Matt Jones Mattie, Slitherrr
WikiWonder Create 20 non-stub articles for the source wiki. Yes 100xp Matt Jones Slitherrr, Matt A, Mattie
WikiWizard Create 50 non-stub articles for the source wiki. Yes 250xp Matt Jones Slitherrr
X Gain 10 Achievements Yes 1000 xp Matt Jones Slitherrr, Feantari, Xorry, TooMuchPete, Travis, Sarah, Matt A, Daniel, Mattie, Brandybartley
XXV Gain 25 Achievements (excepting X) Yes 2000 xp Matt Jones Slitherrr, Mattie, Travis
L Gain 50 Achievements (excepting XXV and X) Yes 4000 xp Matt Jones


Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
Albatross Necklace Gain Achievements : Char Broiled; Jacket Weather; Lightning Rod; Acid Trip Yes Gain Elemental (Acid, Fire, Cold, Electricity) Resistance/1 Matt Jones
Better Lucky Than Good Gain Achievements : Lightning Rod, Brinksmanship, Cat Napper, Clean Up on Aisle 3, Learning to Fly Yes Gain +2 to 1 stat, or +1 to 2 stats. Matt Jones
Bloodthirsty Bastard Gain Achievements : Dead Ugly, Dr. Spock's Backup Band, Gnome News is Good News, Homicide, No Orc Left Untouched, Nothling, -6 Feet Tall Yes +1 bonus to hit in combat. Matt Jones
Fabled Assassin Gain the Line Leader, Ninjastic, Prison Break and Like the Wind achievements. Yes Gain +1 inherent bonuses to Sneak, Hide, and initiative. Slitherrr
Hogwart's Diploma Gain Achievements: UU, Tapped Out, Two Birds; PLUS Holly, Eleven Inches OR Phoenix Feather OR Bartender Yes +1 on Spell DCs. Matt Jones
Second In Line Gain Achievements: Regicide, Civic Pride Yes TBD Slitherrr
Teacher's Pet Gain Achievements : WikiWonder, StubHub, Overachiever Yes Gain one level. Matt Jones Mattie,Slitherrr
The Rabbit's Luck Gain Achievements : Easy Come, Easy Go; Time For Plan B; Brinksmanship Yes +1 on saves. Matt Jones
Unrivaled Constitution Gain the Under The Table, Iron Stomach and 1-800-222-1222 achievements. Yes Gain +2 inherent bonus to Fortitude saves against poison and disease. Slitherrr
L 4 D & D Survive the Draglet Fortress Infestation. Yes 1000 xp, +1 free rank of Knowledge: Dungeoneering Matt Jones TooMuchPete, Xorry, Slitherrr, Feantari
Plans Within Plans Discover the traitor(s) to Wydmoor Free-City. Yes 2500 xp. Gain one bonus rank in Knowledge:Local (Wydmoor). Matt Jones Sarah, Mattie, Helen, Travis, Matt A, Daniel
Turncoat Participate in a boss battle... as the boss A Sense of Creeping Paranoia Matt Jones Slitherrr, Mattie
Very Hard to Kill Gain the Albatross Necklace, Brinksmanship and Cat Napper achievements. Yes Gain 2+CON BONUS to your death's door threshold Slitherrr

Proposed Achievements

Note: This topic is pending approval and should not be used.
Title Description GM Approved? Reward Proposed By Winners
Children should not be seen or heard. Gain achievements: Oof, Like the Wind, What was that?, Ninjatastic, See no Evil PENDING  ?? Sarah n/a
Inca Mummy Girl Drink 20 souls PENDING 25xp Sarah n/a
The Zeppo Actively participate in an entire combat and have no effect. PENDING -25xp Sarah n/a
First Storm-Trooper Get shot by a missile-weapon and drop to 0 or less hp after walking through any doorway PENDING 50xp Eric n/a
Crazy Cat-Lady Summon 27 felines PENDING 50xp Eric n/a
Not Asking Directions Get lost while Off the map at least 3 times PENDING 50xp Eric n/a
I Thought You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad Have two friendly cone-shaped spell effects overlap (same initiative roll) PENDING 250xp Eric n/a
Take One for the Team Take greater than 50% of hp damage while protecting at least 2 other PCs from same PENDING 50xp Eric n/a
Burning Desire Enter a fire. On purpose PENDING an xp Travis n/a
I Don't Have to Be Faster Than the Bear, Just Faster Than You Outrun another PC when running from a monster when the monster does sufficient damage to the other PC to reduce his/her hp to 0 or less PENDING 50xp Eric n/a
Everything is Negotiable Talk your way out of character death by arguing a rule with the DM successfully PENDING not dying Eric n/a
Smell the Glove Punch someone in the face PENDING 18xp Travis n/a
Let's get ready to mumble! Misunderstand or be misunderstood PENDING Laughter, maybe? Travis n/a
Kiss-up Buy the DM a pizza PENDING 50000xp Eric n/a
I am Not Left-Handed Defeat an Enemy of same or greater hit-dice with you off-hand while not dual-wielding PENDING 100xp Eric n/a
Braking Bad Run into something and take 10hp of damage as a result PENDING 10xp Travis n/a
Selfie Intentionally inflict 15% of your max HP on yourself PENDING 10xp Travis n/a
Down They Came Like Huge Black Shadows, or Their Talons Tore at Goblin Faces have a summoned bird deal damage in an encounter PENDING 30xp Bartley n/a
They Taste Like Burning eat poison fruits or plants PENDING 15xp Bartley n/a
All Day Long My Foot Up a Dog's Ass Subdue 2 animals in a session PENDING 10xp Bartley n/a
Hans or Frans Cast 5 or more buff spells on one PC PENDING 200xp Eric n/a
Constitutional Obliteralist Have your constitution drop to 5 or less PENDING Travis n/a
Severe Nut Allergy Defeat an Opponent with a Peanut Butter elemental PENDING 500xp Eric n/a
Sic Semper Tyrannis Make the killing blow against a head of state PENDING Gain +1d6 sneak attack Bartley n/a
Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus Make the killing blow against a bird, reptile, or dinosaur of size huge or larger PENDING 400xp and a Flinstones-sized drumstick Bartley n/a
Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln? Disrupt a public performance (theater, music, speech, etc) with deadly violence PENDING 100xp and the ire of bards Bartley n/a
Come on, it'll be fun! Convince a party member to do something contrary to their normal alignment No TBD Daniel E Bartley
Not your brother's keeper Be a gnome who kills another gnome PENDING 200xp and the shame and pariah status of breaking the biggest taboo among your people Bartley n/a
Bearstronauts Magically, physically, or through machinery cause a bear to fly at least 20' off the ground PENDING 500xp and reminding everyone about Brad Neely Bartley n/a
I like it better this way Spend an entire in-game day under a polymorph effect. PENDING 200xp Bartley n/a
Mushroom Hunting kill 5 fungal-type creatures PENDING 200xp and spores everywhere Bartley n/a
Lumberjack kill 10 plant or tree creatures PENDING 100xp Bartley n/a
Water in the desert Magically create or find water when you or a team-mate are under the effects of dehydration PENDING 50xp Bartley n/a
Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink take damage from dehydration while being on a sea or otherwise surrounded by non-potable water PENDING 250xp and IRL thirstiness Bartley n/a
Let's stay together through bluff, intimidate, or diplomacy convince a skeptical NPC to stay with your party for at least 2 game sessions PENDING 100xp Bartley n/a
You're not Jackie Chan successfully make an attack using a ladder as an improvised weapon during a fight PENDING gain exotic weapon prof. Battle Ladder Bartley n/a
Where the wild things are become accepted as the leader of a group of at least 5 monsters size large or huge PENDING 200xp and a fancy crown and scepter Bartley n/a
Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time time-travel to another point in your own timeline PENDING madness and death. so it goes Bartley n/a
Mushi-Bue succeed at a handle animal check to calm an insect-type creature of at least large size PENDING 200xp Bartley n/a
Diminished Capacity have ability damage to all of your ability scores at the same time PENDING 250xp Bartley n/a
Shaka, When the Walls Fell through magical, mechanical, or physical means create a breach in a wall that is over 20' tall PENDING 350xp and some sort of mild bonus when trying to communicate with sentient creatures with which you do not share a language Bartley n/a
Stay! leave an animal companion to die against overwhelming enemy forces PENDING sadness Bartley Al
Take a Bite Out of Crime use a bite attack against an opponent who attempted to rob you. PENDING 50xp Bartley n/a
Porcupine's Dilemma either use armor spikes to damage a grappled opponent or be damaged by the armor spikes of a grappled opponent PENDING 150xp Bartley
Now we're playing D&D roll a 20 then fail a followup roll with a 1 PENDING 50xp Bartley Feantari
Iconoclast/What a lovely heretical statue you've got there Destroy 20 statues, preferably animated PENDING 50xp Kim

NOTE: A player may only gain one level per session, and a full session must pass before the gaining of an additional level, regardless of experience totals.