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Character Stats
Level Level 14
Race Race
Class Druid
Armor Wild Glamered Gargoyle Hide
Weapon(s) Depends on current wild shaped form
Hometown Hometown

Aldoronavazingortulip (but you can just call me AlToken.PNG Al) is a nature-loving druid, disliker of cities, and friend to all animals, plants, rocks, rivers, and everything else that's nature-ey and likable. His nearly constant companion was an eagle, until it was murdered. But even undeserved death is a part of the natural cycle of life, and there are other fish in the sea. Or, rather, other foxes in the forest. After the death of his friend, Al picked up a new companion: a fox that the party rescued from an evil, terrible, mean trapper. Inexplicably, he didn't see things from Al's point of view, until a party member paid an exorbitant amount to change his mind. But after a while, the fox wanted to start a family, so Al, teary-eyed, bid her farewell. Around this time, the Silverwalkers were in the vicinity of a halfling carnival. While there, Al saw something possibly even worse than the trap his fox friend was stuck in: Wild animals being forced to live in cages! One of these was a brown bear. After Al freed the brown bear and two black bears from their cages, he befriended the brown bear. His name is Grrrllwofrowffgrr (but we just call him Girl).

Al's past is a bit of a mystery. He's a perpetual wanderer, and as far as anyone knows he's not actually from anywhere. Cities and civilization seem to make him uncomfortable at times, downright rude at other times, and would probably make him truly depressed if he stayed in them for too long. His long-term goal is to help everyone come to understand and appreciate nature.

In real-world terms, Al isn't too different from a dirty hippie. If he could live with being in a city long enough, he'd probably be knocking on doors trying to get people to sign petitions to save insignificant local flora and fauna. He has a pragmatic streak that would probably make him unwilling to burn down cosmetics testing facilities, but he'd sympathize with the motives behind such acts.

-- May or may not have furry-like proclivities. :/

SPOILER ALERT: Al's Character Sheet

SPOILER ALERT: Al's Character Sheet (Pathfinder)