Barbannan's Crusade

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Barbannan's Crusade was a protracted military engagement between (most of) the nations of the Mainland and the Peteran Empire. It was originally called by Arch-Warden Abbled Barbannan after Peteran forces took over Udrell in 538 FI. The campaign was waged primarily on the Heretic Sea and Western Ocean, as well as Celstia and Petera and lasted between 538 FI and 549 FI. A bloody and costly affair for both sides, most modern sages consider the Crusade to be a boondoggle of epic proportions, although possibly a necessary one, as it did lead directly to the Arch-Wardency of Riqtello the Wise.

The treaty ending the war was negotiated by Arch-Warden Thoq Riqtello, who succeeded Barbannan, and formalized on the 1st of Rebirth, 549 FI. Under the terms of the treaty, Utrell became an independent emirate remaining its Petaran Alexandrianism leadership, while allowing religious freedom for the substantial Orthodox population living there.