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There's three kinds of people in this world: highlanders, lowlanders, and everybody else.

Name: Celstia
Adjective Form: Celstian


Celstia is a largely a pastoral land, filled with gentle, rolling hills and thick forests in the west and intensively cultivated farmlands and pastures in the east. It stretches from the Stormchalice Sea in the north to the Medcell River in the south. (The river also confines the nation on the east.) The Kathresian Range in the west forms Celstia's border with Odessa, the Celstian's traditional nemesis.

Government and Politics

Celstia is a Feudal monarchy currently ruled by King Edrahign II, Overchief of the 37 Clans. The monarchy has moderate power, though it is limited somewhat by the Assembly of the Clans, an advisory and semi-legislative body. Most organs of state, such as law enforcement, tax collection, etc., are locally or regionally controlled.


Most Celstians are farmers or herders, and a great many on the Stormchalice Sea are fishermen. Celstian wool is prized above others, and Celstian amber spirits are coveted across the mainland. Additionally, many Celstians make their living as traders of Petran goods from across the Heretic Sea.


Celstials* are as old as the hills that nourish them, although the nation of Celstia as it exists now was formed in 293 BI when they broke away from Odessa after a 20 year civil war. Although the civil war started as a general and unorganized insurrection, eventually Joshua Pryce, the Pirate Prince, rose to a position of nominal leadership and became the first Celstian King. They have done all kinds of interesting stuff since then.

Celstians of Note

Joshua Pryce

  • "Celstials" is an ethnicity. "Celstian" is a nationality.