Diamon Pegg

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A tall Fresian human, first seen wearing a red bandanna over his face, but later met up close and personally. He has the ability to teleport, and has some stake in the Masked Gnome's activities, enough to furnish him with an entire chestful of Wydmoor electrum. He has been observed in a capacity that suggests he was the Masked Gnome's superior. Most recently he was encountered at the ruins of Draglet Fortress with a large force, where he revealed that the Gnome Scavengers with the Ethereal Chest were operating under his auspices. This encounter suggests not only is he capable of martialing powerful magic, but he possess a good deal of temporal power, as well. The emissary Bartl referred to him as "Lord Pegg."

He is the Archnemesis of Gnob's Folly, although he might not realize it yet.