Gnob's Folly

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Gnob's Folly is the name by which Kib Absold refers to the motley assortment of characters of which he is the nominal leader (by virtue of having a head farthest from the ground). The name refers to the one-time manservant of Kib, Gnob, who was murdered by zombies just outside of Draglet Fortress. They don't have a standard, but when they get around to it, it will be of a broken pair of platinum-colored shackles encompassed by flame, on a field of forest green.

Party Members (from tallest to shortest)

Aides and Secondaries


  • Instrumental in discovering and defeating the Kred slave rebellion instigated by the Masked Gnome, acting on the payroll of the Fresian Lord Diamon Pegg
  • Emerged alive from a hellish stay in Draglet Fortress after investigating happenings there in FI 1401
  • Spent a sunny vacation in a ruined Elven outpost on an archipelago in the Heretic Sea, fighting Sahuagin and talking with liches
  • Assassinated the Underbosses of the Bandit Kingdom.
  • Removed Mantatlas as a threat

Language Quick-Reference Table

MFC Languages by Member
Odessan Celesti Ubrekti Gnomish Fresian Dwarvish Flannari Goblin Kobold Sidhe Old Ubrekti Petaran Hakni Gnoll Giant Orcish
Kib x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Thed x x x x x
Thoven x x x x x
Gilerl x x
Anise x x x x
Tana x x x x
Mags x ? x ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Session Notes