Drem Lorsken

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Character Stats
Drem Portrait.jpg
Level 6
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin 6
Armor Agile Breastplate
Weapon(s) Greatsword
Hometown Gate, Temporal Authority


Drem is an unremarkable brown haired dwarf of average height. He is rarely seen without his armor on and always carries his large greatsword with him. He conspicuously carries a holy symbol of Alexandria.

Recent Travels

Given leave by the Travelers to investigate matters in the south, Drem went to the Bloody Thirty-Nine. Upon arrival he was hired by Byll to help retrieve a gnome along with the rest of the Mefighter Beta Team. Along the way he was horrified at the actions of the Church in controlling the plague. He has since traveled through Draglet, Kred and the Scar.


Drem was born and raised in Gate, Temporal Authority. A major nexus of pilgrim roads and Alexandrian religion, it is not surprising that Drem ended up in a religious position. Originally on the path to become a cleric, Drem grew disillusioned with the politics and gossip he saw growing up close to the Church. Nonetheless his faith in the core tenets of Alexandrianism was unshaken, and the many roads and pilgrims coming into Gate provided Drem with another choice: that of a Wandering Brother.

Notable Career Kills/Victories

Drem is notable for his ability to absorb goblin arrows.

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