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Dwarves are the second most populous race of the known world. Their ancestral homeland is the nation of Gildenhome, which they have occupied since before written records. Delvers of deep places in ancient times, a great cataclysm drove them to the surface and now they are at best a semi-subterranean species, often carving shallow fortresses into mountains and hillsides, and then using the excavated material to construct above ground commercial and craft centers.

Master craftsmen, expert bankers, and skilled tradesmen, goodly numbers of Dwarves can be found in most any major urban center, often living in (or confined to) ethnic districts. Dwarven goods are accepted as the pinnacle of craft, and are much sought after by the wealthy. Nations rely to one degree or another on Dwarven gold to function and while Dwarven banks are trusted, Dwarven bankers are often seen as shrewd and legalistic. The general Dwarven philosophy is one of resilience, stoicism, and pursuit of personal excellence.

Dwarves tend to be scornful of mundane tasks, such as agriculture, street sweeping, gutter cleaning, etc., and rely almost exclusively on small-sized Servitor slaves (kobolds and golbins) to perform such duties.

Gnomes have a particularly complicated relationship with Dwarves, but prejudices vary from Gnome to Gnome.