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Character Stats
Edi mug.png
Level 4
Race Halfling
Class Priest 4
Armor Mithril Shirt
Weapon(s) Masterwork Dagger, Sling, Fire Magic
Hometown Celstia

Edi is an itinerant halfling preacher and scholar. He travels around Celstia independent of any tribe, evangelizing to the flock, caring for the downtrodden, and searching for knowledge mundane, sacred, and arcane. Edi is cheerful, genuine, and helpful, and is generally adored in the communities he stays in along the road. He is a mildly famous "miracle child", who came to the priesthood from humble origins when local holy leaders agreed he had performed miracles. When he visits a town, people come to see his sermons, which are best described as one-man variety acts (punctuated with occasional pyrotechnics).

Edi's duties often call upon him to serve as an adventurer, defending the congregation or searching for lost knowledge. Despite his humble and kind reputation, Edi has a divine affinity for fire and wields destructive and miraculous magics, is more than a capable hero, and often keeps company with dangerous elements.

Physical description

Edi during a charismatic sermon

Edi has a dusky complexion from a life on the road and in the sun. He has a thick, untamed mane of coppery hair and large, striking eyes to match it. He has a childlike exuberance, and his personality is best described with words like: bubbly, enthusiastic, helpful, cheerful, and simple. Despite his youth, his face already shows characteristic wrinkles brought about by smiling and laughing. He moves quickly and gracefully, with careful, delicate movements. Edi wears humble, unadorned white vestments (often threadbare or patched in the knees from kneeling), but his underclothes and accessories are all bright reds, yellows, and oranges. His only weapons are a simple sling and a masterwork dagger.


The road halflings of Celstia travel in small family tribes, and move among the various towns and cities that make up the nation. Edi grew up the 9th in a family of 13 (4 surviving). When he was only a small child, his tribe was attacked by desperate bandits, who set fire to their caravans in a raid gone horribly wrong. Many died that night and Edi's family thought him lost, but he managed to crawl into a small, wet ditch and survive the flames. Years later, fire touched the tribe again when they caused a small forest fire at the end of a dry summer in the wooded foothills of western Celstia. Though still a boy, Edi darted fearlessly in and out of the conflagration, helping save the lives of many of tribesmen. The tribe's holy Mother Lily declared Edi's act a miracle, for he braved the fire long past when smoke and heat should have incapacitated him.

The Mother turned the tribe towards Ianian, along the way spreading word of Edi's miracle. In the city, she petitioned the religious scholars to educate him and train him for the priesthood, taking only labor as payment. Edi was a helpful and hard working student, and he progressed steadily, albeit unimpressivly, through the curriculum. While he was a very unconventional student, there was no doubt in the Masters' eyes that he possessed inspired powers, and he was ordained with a modest level of fanfare.

Character Sheet