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Character Stats
Level 2
Race Road Halfling
Class Rogue 3
Armor Leather Armor
Weapon(s) MW Rapier
Hometown The roads of Flannery

Frimble was a halfling. Frimble was a Filcher, which is like a thief who likes to pick pockets. Frimble was a road halfling.

Frimble's hat
Frimble shaved her hair off whenever she could. This was because of road lice which she did not like. She wore a bright russet scarf and a big-for-a-halfling hat. It was a bicorn hat of the popular styling with "ermine" and "peacock" feathers.

Frimble traveled with her mount Seth, a giant dog of unknown breed. Seth was about two years old. Seth was afraid of troglodytes, snailpions, nathanderthals, sponges, and the smell of goosebees. He liked bright lights, cabbage, mirrors, and calliopes.

Frimble was on a quest to find sweet loot that she could use to set up a shop named "Adventurers' Ventures." This shop would have sold more than just treasure: it would have sold dreams. Required for the store to was a centerpiece item, something that would draw in the crowds--something that would say, "This could be yours." Then, when people really wanted it, well, it would just happen to cost an arm and a leg. But hey, you could go find your own - the world is full of forgotten treasure! "Here's a sword and a cloak," and what-do-you-know? They are quite affordable!

She wa also looking for a place to set this shop up - hopefully some place populated enough that the people living there wouldn't know quality adventuring gear if it bivouacked in their kitchen.

All these dreams were summarily put to rest when Frimble was killed in late 1401, deep inside the Bloody Thirty-Nine by an assassin vine.

SPOILER: Frimble's Character Sheet