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The Naga were a strange race, composed of a serpent's body with a man's face. Although created by the Eight Makers, their vast differences compared to other Goodly Races have them classified as aberrations. They, with their Dark Naga brethren, are understood to be extinct.

The only primary source accounts of Naga come from the era of Alexandria, as she was responsible for the cessation of their stasis that began at the end of the Primal Age. Most of what is believed today about the Naga is a mixture of myth, heresy, and a few primary accounts from the Canon of Orthodoxy.

According to most sages, Naga were powerful and wise sorcerers, as powerful in battle as they were alien in mentality. It is believed that, during the Primal Age, Naga were as common as any of the other races, but suffered disproportinate casualties during the First War, although they allegedly succeeded in wiping out their Dark Naga counterparts. Afterward, according to the Testimonial of Steros, the Naga put themselves into a deep, magical stasis that was only broken after a clutch of Naga eggs were corrupted by the Darkling Prophet Arek to revive the Dark Naga.

According to the Testimonial of Mythrian, the Naga played a critical role in late stages of the Prophets' War and the entirety of Alexandria's Crusade, providing the bulk of high-power arcane support. Although no account of their final fate appears in the Canon of Orthodoxy, it is generally assumed that the Naga fulfilled their ancestral duties by fighting beside Alexandria to the very end.

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