Neven b'Aaronurt

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Character Stats
Level 2?
Race Halfling
Class Druid 2?
Armor Hide Armor, Light Wood Shield
Weapon(s) Many Simple Weapons
Hometown Near the Quiram Wood, Odessa

Neven b'Aaronurt (roughly translates to 'Neven Born Between Air and Earth' in "halfling"^) was an eclectic and eccentric halfling druid that joined up with Gnob's Folly near the end of 1401. Little was known about his origins or background beyond the fact he was recently left behind by his tribe while on a roadwater fueled vision quest. Unlike most Halflings, Neven did not ride a dog, but rather had a juvenile wild boar as a mount/animal companion (named Breakfast).

Neven b'Aaronurt left Gnob's Folly after gathering enough samples for his research shortly before their incursion into Draglet Fortress. He was later encountered by the Mefighter beta team, stricken mad after Breakfast's zombification. He was dispatched by Byll, who was killed by the party shortly afterward.

^ Halfling Druids will drop their birthing and family names for the traditional Circle name of their druidical tradition. b'Aaronurt is one of the larger, more generic traditions along with t'Livetindle (Betwixt Leaf and Bramble), a'Hurthuane (At Hearth and Home), and o'Avaytze (Over Wave and Sea). Smaller traditions include n'Disset (In Dust), u'Rakkentoi (Under Rock and Soil), n'Ruthwatha (In Roadwater, aka drunk), and st'Linenmarth (Straddling the Borders). Druids can change traditions provided they get inducted by the proper Circle, which usually requires some sort of quest and ceremony.)

Neven's original family/clan name is Ma'Thetuant (currently lead by his grandaunt Mother Thetua a'Frie) and his birthing name was o'Quir meaning he was born outside the Quiram Woods. So his full name is Neven b'Aaronut unce Ma'Thetuant o'Quir - Neven Born Between Air and Earth, Once of Thetua's Family Born Outside Quiram. Neven's departure from his family and into a Circle was no great loss - "He's their problem now," said Thetua, relieved.)

SPOILER ALERT : Neven b'Aaronurt's Character Sheet